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Who is that masked Longbottom?

It has been two years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II was released in theatres, bringing the decade-long movie franchise to its satisfying conclusion.  The ending evoked a lot of emotions from us all, one of the more surprising being —

Neville Longbottom is a hunk!

Neville before and afterAt the time, I celebrated the transformation of actor Matthew Lewis on many levels.

First and foremost, I like pretty things, and Matthew had become one.  But as a geek whose own awkward period extends even into today, I was gratified to see how far he had come during the 10-year span…and gave his movie connections no small amount of the credit.

But it turns out the studio’s efforts were actually in the opposite direction.

Matthew Lewis was never the chubby, ear-sticking-out, buck-toothed character that we saw on screen.  The wardrobe and makeup departments created Neville’s persona and ‘plopped it down’ — fat suit and all — upon Matthew’s more leading man frame.  They even used extra-large shoes because that’s how JK Rowling described him in the her novels.

That’s why Neville was such a ‘boy toy’ surprise in the final film!

Casual conversation

Wanna meet new people?  Hold random conversations in airports, restaurants, and even restrooms?

Carry this book around with you.


Everyone is curious if it’s any good. 

(It is.)


JK Rowling, you witch.

When you launched pottermore.com last week, you had to know what Muggles everywhere were thinking.

Pottermore?  Pottermore??  JK Rowling is going to write a new Harry Potter book, we immediately surmised.

You’ve said more than once, JK, that you might not be finished with Harry and the gang.

But what did you announce instead?  E-books for everyone…of the existing Harry Potter saga.

Where’s the magic in that?

Sure, you’ve promised additional materials that will only be found in the e-books.  That’s all well and good.  We’ll enjoy that, of course.

But knowingly dangling the possibility of more Potter books in front of a rabid public?  You should be ashamed of yourself.  I demand an apology — a written one, in fact.

In the form of an eighth novel.

Class act

My first memory of actor Alan Rickman is in the Bruce Willis movie Die Hard.  He played the evil villain Hans Gruber.

His voice and unique intonation made a lasting impression.

While I have loved Alan’s performances in romantic roles in Truly Madly Deeply and Sense and Sensibility –– and his wonderful comedic turn in GalaxyQuest — I think Alan is at his best playing the villain.

Or, at the very least, having all the surface qualities of one.

But as any Harry Potter fan knows, his character Severus Snape — who appeared to be a very bad guy for a majority of the series — turns out to be okay. (Hope I’m not ruining anything for you non-readers…but seriously, if you don’t know by now, that’s just sad.)

And it’s no surprise that Alan himself is a pretty stand-up guy as well. He wrote a heartfelt thank you note to JK Rowling in a recent issue of Empire magazine.

I think there’s an entire Harry Potter nation that couldn’t agree more.