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Teed off

I love Jordan Spieth. If you follow golf, you probably do, too.

If you don’t know who Jordan is, he’s the best thing to happen to golf since Tiger Woods first entered the scene. (And keep your judgments to yourself — he who casts the first stone and all that…)

Jordan became a professional golfer after only one year of college, but no one has ever disparaged his decision to leave school early or lack of education or poor example to our youth.

I think Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari sees the irony…don’t you?

Calipari Speith


My JetBlue flight to San Diego today didn’t have WiFi, but it did have DirectTV, so I was able to catch the conference basketball tourney games enroute.


Kentucky wasn’t scheduled until later in the day, so I watched the Virginia/Florida State game.  And I was really impressed with Virginia coach Tony Bennett.

tony bennettApparently he was named the ACC Coach of the Year. Based on his sideline behavior alone, I am not surprised. Everything in his manner eminates positivity.

Don’t get me wrong — I am a huge fan of UK Coach Calipari. But I can’t remember ever seeing him high five the Cats when they head to the bench for a timeout after a particularly great play.  Or even see him smile.

Bennett does it a lot. With his players. With the refs. It makes a difference. I would work harder for that coach.

So, let’s give Cal something to smile about, Cats. It’s March — the best time of the year!

Danger, danger…

Have you ever watched “Deadliest Catch” on The Discovery Channel?  Commercial fisherman risk life and limb to catch Alaskan king crab in the middle of the Bering Sea.  As you watch these men clinging to the ship, waves crashing over them, you think, “This has to be the scariest job there is.”

Try being a basketball coach at the University of Kentucky.

It may all seem like gravy while they’re on staff, but once they leave, they really seem to scrape bottom.

Exhibit A:  Louisville Coach Rick Pitino.  He offended the UK basketball gods by going to their biggest rival, UL.  And what happens to him there?  Sex scandal with a staffer’s wife. And he pays for her abortion.  Bad, bad publicity…and even worse attitude from Pitino who seems to think he’s above it all.

Exhibit B:  More recent former Coach Billy Gillispie. He just checked into alcohol rehab after getting arrested for his third DUI.  UK fired Gillispie after two years more for his tragic personality than his coaching record.  And he’s still awaiting a decision on his lawsuit with UK for the remaining pay on the contract that he never signed.  (Good luck with that.)

At least Eddie Sutton, who coached UK during my college years, waited to have his drinking problems at Oklahoma State.  (He just had recruiting violations at Kentucky that got us suspended for a few years.)

Our new coach John Calipari appears to be one of the greats.  Of course, right now, he’s still knee-deep in the gravy.