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Animal instinct

On my flight today, the proffered movie was Big Miracle, starring Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski — the whale movie, as you might remember it.

That’s how I did.

I had meant to see it in the theatre, but I tend to shy away from animal movies.  Even though I knew this one was positive — it’s based on true events — I hate seeing animals in any potential, dramatized or real trauma.

But I manned up and watched it today.  And I was right.  They found ways to make the animals — and me — suffer through this supposed feel-good story.

It’s so nice to cry with people you don’t know.

Which made the e-card that popped up in my Facebook feed today all the more timely:








You got that right.






Everybody poops

New York City prides itself on letting celebrities live their lives.

While you do see stars of TV and film out and about, you rarely see paparazzi trailing behind.

So I was particularly amused by this Huffington Post slideshow of stars picking up their dogs’ poop — all West Coast shots, mind you.

Everyone from The Office’s John Krasinski to Catherine Zeta-Jones to Paul Bettany are pictured with their pooch and that familiar blue baggie…’cause your dog doesn’t care what you do for a living as long as you take care of their business.

Personally, I haven’t spied any celebs in NYC picking up after their dogs.  I have had a celebrity spy on me and my dog.

(It’s a favorite story — a ‘greatest hit,’ as my friend Dan would say.)

My dog Rory and I had just stepped outside of my apartment, and — good dog that he is — he was relieving himself in the street.  During this process, I heard a small child’s voice from the sidewalk behind me say,

“Daddy, is that dog gonna bite me?”

A very familiar voice responded drily, “It probably won’t.”  That’s when I turned around and saw Jerry Seinfeld watching me and my dog.

But don’t worry — he didn’t take any pictures.

He’s a New Yorker, after all.

Funny man

The hubbub over Steve Carell leaving The Office this season has in many ways belittled the talent of the actors that remain.

Last night I was reminded of this in a big way.

I saw the movie Something Borrowed starring Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, John Krasinski and Colin Egglesfield.

I didn’t have huge expectations going in.  The critics had pretty much slammed the film, but the trailer looked cute and word-of-mouth was pretty good.  (Critics can be so grouchy when it comes to romantic comedies, am I right?)

The one positive note in most of the otherwise ‘grouchy’ reviews was praise for John Krasinski.

Boy, did they get that right.

We are used to seeing John as Jim in The Office — the everyman, playing jokes on Dwight, outsmarting Michael, making takes to the camera.  He almost seems like a part of the audience.

Which makes it easy to take what he does for granted.

Then you see him outside of that world — in a movie like Something Borrowed or in 2009’s  It’s Complicated  — and you realize just how good a comedic actor he really is.

Admittedly, his character is, once again, the smartest person in the room.  But there are no takes to the audience…just solid character work and ‘real’ reactions that are both believable and hilarious.

Now unlike the critics, I liked the film.  While I think they took their sweet time getting to a conclusion that we all saw coming, I still enjoyed the ride.

Oh, and John?  Thanks for driving.

Real vows

Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam on “The Office,” recently got married (as did John Krasinski, who plays her TV hubby, Jim).

Congrats to them both.

What makes Jenna’s wedding stand out a bit is her choice of wedding officiant — Jeff Probst, host of the ABC reality show “Survivor.”


If Jeff and Jenna are friends, that’s cool.  I know lots of people who have had friends officiate at their weddings.  It adds that extra something to their special day.  Especially if the couple isn’t particularly religious, why not have a good friend speak the vows?

But if you’re simply looking for a celebrity host…why Jeff Probst?

Doesn’t his association with the whole “Survivor” program bring a lot of baggage to a wedding ceremony?  I know if I had been a guest at Jenna’s wedding, I would have had visions of “tribal council” and “immunity challenge” and “getting voted off the island” the entire ceremony.

God forbid the couple incorporate any tropical colors or music!

Personally, I think there are a lot better choices if you want a celebrity wedding officiant.  Tom Bergeron would be mine — funny, witty, quick on his feet in any situation.

Heck, Tom could officiate the wedding…and then MC the dancing at the reception…


So simple

I’m trying to remember the first time I saw or read anything about the movie “It’s Complicated.”

I know I was much younger.

Living in Manhattan, I saw the call for extras for the filming that took place in the city.  Back then it was called the “Untitled Nancy Meyers Project,” but with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin attached to the movie, we were already convinced it was going to be amazing.

And we were right.

Because even though the final title is “It’s Complicated,” it really couldn’t be more simple.

Take a woman nearing 60 with everything — and I mean everything: unbelievable home, successful career, supportive friends, three beautiful Stepford children (and I mean that with love) — except a man in her life, and then suddenly give her two attractive men fighting over her.

What’s complicated about that?

I mean, sure, juggling the two men is complicating.  But when you have Meryl, Alec and Steve doing the balancing act, it is high comedy in its simplest form.  I loved it as much as I expected to, if not a bit more.

One tiny surprise?  John Krasinski.  Sure, we all love him as Jim in “The Office,” but who expected him to shine — and steal almost every scene he is in — amongst this stellar cast?

Simple, simple, simple.  And hilarious.

Why not live together?

By now you have read the news that John Krasinki, who plays Jim on “The Office,” is engaged to wed fellow actor Emily Blunt of “The Devil Wears Prada” fame.  Isn’t that wonderful?

Then why do I feel like crying?

John and Emily are both in their late 20’s, so they are definitely old enough to marry.  And they have dated for the better part of a year, so it’s not like they are rushing into anything.  Heck, they’re both funny and attractive — I’m sure they are a great match.

But marriage — really?

Marriage is hard enough for John and Emily no-name down the street who don’t have to deal with all the pressures that accompany stardom.  Most newlyweds don’t have the paparazzi following them everywhere they go; try to make a marriage work with that going on every day. (Right, Jon and Kate + Eight?)

Stay engaged for a long, long time, guys. Wait until you are really sure.  Because from what I’ve seen of late…the media is going make you wish you had.