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Fourth time’s a charm

Entourage-MovieIt started out as a joke between my friend Wendy and her husband.

“You’d have to pay me $10,000 to go see the Entourage movie.

Wendy had the gumption to turn the joke into a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for CureSearch, which supports research for pediatric cancers.

One short week later, thanks to the generosity of friends and family and countless others who only know Wendy’s story through word of mouth, articles and blogs like mine, ‘the joke’ has now raised over $30,000.

Wendy is closing the GoFundMe page and, as promised, is going to:

  • See the Entourage movie not once, not twice, but four times
  • Wear ‘Drama Mama’ pajamas to the theater
  • Drink her favorite beverage from a specially-designed Turtle cup

And donors that contributed funds at the higher levels get to come along to the theater and witness Wendy’s exquisite agony.

Thank you for your donations. And enjoy the show!

What I learned on Facebook today

You know how you see something and think it’s a joke…but then it turns out to be a real thing?

That happened to me today on Facebook.

A good friend posted this cartoon:

flatulence filtering underwear

I like a good fart joke anyday, so I could appreciate the humor. But then I noticed the logo and “Flatulence Filtering Underwear” at bottom right. That’s a joke, too…right?

Not even. It’s real.

The logo belongs to Shreddies, which manufactures flatulence filtering undies for men and women. These specially-made garments contain activated carbon cloth that help filter and eliminate odor.

Shut the french window!