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This is all FOX’s fault

I have not read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy — pretty proud of that.

Not that I’m judging a book by its cover it…but it’s nice for a change to not be in a group that is being judged.

(Twilight scars — you understand.)

Although that doesn’t stop me from being interested in the recent casting announcement for the Fifty Shades movie — Dakota Johnson as Anastasia (whoever that is) and Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey.

Dakota Johnson…in an S&M movie?

She was the quirky, funny, girl-next-door single mom who we loved and lost last season on Ben and Kate.  Well, I loved that show anyhoo.  FOX went and canceled it.

Oh, look how sad they all are.

ben and kate2Of course, Nat Faxon (far right) reached out and got an Oscar for writing The Descendants…and directed, wrote and co-starred in the very funny The Way, Way Back with Steve Carell, so he’s doing alright.  And Dakota gets…whips and chains?

Look what you did, FOX.

Judgers judgers judgers

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I’m not so sure —

I discovered another great restaurant in New York City, and it was the storefront that lured me in.

I walked past Jacob’s Pickles for the first time a couple of weeks ago running errands in my neighborhood.  The name caught my eye, then the decor.

Heck, if I could live in the space, I would.

Sunday a friend and I tried our their brunch.  Turns out Jacob does a mean biscuits and gravy…and we’re talking spicy sausage gravy.

My cousin Carol would be proud.

The entire menu looks great.  We are gonna hit it again at dinnertime and try the fried pickles and other savory items.  The bar selection is interesting, too.

See?  It pays to be shallow.

First impressions

Did Newsweek go too far?

Their latest cover features a wild-eyed Michele Bachmann and the headline “The Queen of Rage.”

I’m not questioning their word choice.  I mean that photo — that maniacal look on Bachmann’s face.  Does it step over a line?

Or merely capture the real essence of Bachmann?

She is the Republican candidate for President who said — and I quote — “not all cultures are equal.”  Who called global warming “voodoo, nonsense, hokum, a hoax.” Who said we were “running out of rich people.”  Who wants to abolish the minimum wage.   And who said “gay marriage is probably the biggest issue to impact our state and our nation in the last 30 years.”

Huh.  Whadda ya know?

You can judge a book by its cover.