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I love Wimbledon. I look forward to it every year. I consider it a legitimate response to the question,

“What are you doing July 4th weekend?”

But this?



Fruits of the 4th

I found a Fourth of July dessert that I surprisingly haven’t made. And it’s so simple.



Beautiful and easy.

I really hope someone makes it for me.

Thin and crispy with a side of SPF 45

IFC.com, who is ‘getting ready for tomorrow,’ shared this pic:

IFC pizza beach

I want to go to there.

Oh yeah!

Yesterday a friend of mine on Facebook requested that everyone stop posting pictures and videos of fireworks.

“Thanks for your entries, but we get it already,” he said.

I guess it’s not surprising that some 235 years after the first Fourth of July celebration, it feels like nothing too original can be said about Independence Day, even on the relatively new social media.

So why not celebrate the awesomeness that has already been penned about our nation’s brave beginnings?

Now, there are some fireworks I think everyone can enjoy!

Happy Fourth!

Just right

It’s Fourth of July weekend — albeit a stormy one here in New York City — and Mashable.com has posted 15 fun ways to ‘geek up’ your 4th of July.

My favorite?

A picnic table condiment set, complete with vintage containers.

Mashable likes it because it’s a retro, miniature version of the real thing.

Maybe it’s my New York City point of view, but….

Looks full size to me.

Marathon weekend

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

You’re no doubt gathered with family and friends around a grill laden with burgers and hot dogs, enjoying a cold beverage and awaiting the start of your local fireworks display.

…or, at least, that’s what every image you see on television and in movies would have you believe.

But did you know that there are 155 television marathons planned for the 4th of July weekend alone?  Fans of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Monk,” “The A Team,” and even “Silent Library” can watch episode after episode of their favorites over the next three days.

Do you think these marathons are planned for folks standing around the charcoal briquettes?   “Gather the kids, Grandma — there’s 12 hours of ‘Ugly Betty,’ and the family wouldn’t want to miss it!”

I don’t think so.

The TV networks program marathons over the holidays because so many people don’t have that idealized, family scenario.  They may just be hanging out, enjoying their free time…or they may be lonely as hell.

It’s just funny to think the folks who sell the idea of what the 4th of July holiday is all about also sell the substitute…

Just in case.

Cruise control

Today is Tom Cruise’s birthday.  He turns 47.

You may hate his politics, his religion and maybe even some of his movies, but ya gotta admit — the guy has had more than his share of winners:

Risky Business
Top Gun
The Color of Money
Rain Man
A Few Good Men
The Firm
Jerry Maguire
Minority Report
Tropic Thunder

And his latest film belongs on the list as well — “Knight and Day” with Cameron Diaz.

It hasn’t banked the box office of his other action movies — like the “Mission Impossible” series — but it is a ton more fun.  The comedy chops he displayed in “Tropic Thunder” are very much in evidence here, but more subtly used as the story requires.

Cruise and Diaz are a terrific combination — almost a male and female version of each other in energy and screen presence — and the script never lets them or the audience down.  I just wish more people would go see it.

It’s movie fireworks — perfect for the July 4th weekend.


Falling Starz

Dear Major Network TV Exec’s:

Perhaps you’ve already begun your holiday weekend,  seated at centre court Wimbledon.  Or on a private island whose location you’ve only tweeted to the paparazzi.

Or maybe you’re one of the true working stiffs, stuck in a conference room, trying to resurrect your ratings.

I don’t really care where you are; I just care what you do.

Please save the brilliantly funny “Party Down”…’cause Starz is letting it die.

Executive VP of Programming Stephan Shelanski said Starz is ‘committed to aggressively expanding our original programming lineup’…but then they canceled their brand new suicide drama “Gravity,” too.

Sounds like what they really have is a commitment issue….or not enough money to back up their big plans.

Again, I don’t really care.

I just want “Party Down” to have a second chance…with a network that can afford to keep it on the air.  It’s a far better show than a lot of the shlock that’s out there now — we’re talking absurdly funny, with guest stars used in truly creative ways.

So, come on people — let’s work together and solve two problems at once.  Save “Party Down” and fill one of your slots with quality TV.

Okay?  Okay.

Now go out and play.  It’s a holiday, for cripes sake.

Toot toot

Looking for the perfect 4th of July family holiday destination?

This one’s a GAS.

Only in the South — land of my birth — would folks erect a museum dedicated to beans.  That’s right.  Bush Brothers & Co., the baked bean guys, are opening a museum and visitors’ center this weekend in Chestnut Hill, Tennessee, at the site of the company’s original general store.

Cool beans.

Granted, the television commercials for Bush’s Baked Beans — you know, the ones featuring Jay Bush and his sneaky yet  lovable dog Duke — are pretty funny.  That alone may spark some curiosity about the place.

But the museum doesn’t sound like it has as much of a sense of humor about beans as Jay and his dog do.  The attractions sound fairly standard — a theater showing the TV ads; a display of the original canning tools; a kiosk where you can put yourself in a photo with Duke; and a giant replica of a bean’s journey from field to can.

That’s it?  A bean museum that doesn’t poke even a little fun at itself?  No innuendo — implied or overt — about the bean and its relationship to the more, well, smelly aspects of our person?  Heck, they could have at the very least had Beano sponsor the visitors’ center.

Let’s face it, the movie studios have made several small fortunes laughing at pee, poop and farts.  I hate to see the first bean museum lose out due to good manners.