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Look at me

Shia LaBeouf, star of Transformers and Disturbia, is the latest member of Young Hollywood acting out for the cameras.

shia labeoufToday on the red carpet for the Nymphomaniac Berlin premiere, he sported a bag over his head that read, “I am not famous anymore.”

He also walked out of the press conference and appeared to have lost both weight and a tooth.

Sounds a bit Lindsay Lohan-Miley Cyrus-Justin Bieberish, doesn’t it?

LaBeouf has lots of company right now, it’s true.  But if you look back at pics from days gone by — before there were ‘red carpet moments’ —

bee bearderFolks did even more bizarre stunts to get attention.

(Those are bees.)

Not again

Making movies cost the big bucks, it’s true.

So perhaps we shouldn’t judge producers too harshly when they remake blockbusters from years past to ensure box office success…like The Great Gatsby or Footloose.

This may also explain ‘sequel-itis’…although quality seems to figure less in that equation.

Case in point:  New Year’s Eve from director Garry Marshall.

New Year’s Eve is the sequel to last year’s horrible Valentine’s Day, a romantic comedy jam-packed with stars, cliched story lines and performances that were shallow to say the most.

(Sorry; it was that bad.) 

I’m not surprised actors are drawn to the sequel; it’s the easiest money they’ll ever make.  And Garry Marshall probably just used the Valentine’s Day shooting script and changed the California locations to New York City.

But why do it at all?

Critics skewered the first film, and audience reviews were only slightly warmer.  And while Valentine’s Day did break $100 million at the box office, there were a lot of celebrity salaries to pay.

Well, after seeing the trailer, I think I’ve figured it out.

Garry has directed a train wreck of a film…and we all know how hard it is not to look at one of those.


Boys will be…

I love this story.

Justin Bieber, international recording artist, 2010 AMA Artist of the Year, 2011 Grammy-nominated New Pop Artist of the Year, leader of the Bieber nation, reason for the Bieber fever…

…wouldn’t give his cellphone to his mom, so she canceled his service.

Hey, he may bring home the bacon, but he’s still not old enough to fry it up in the pan unsupervised.

Go Mom.

Perhaps Fergie should try a similar punishment on hubby Josh Duhamel.  He recently got pulled off a flight from New York to Kentucky because he wouldn’t turn off his Blackberry.

He reportedly taunted the flight attendant, who asked him to turn off his phone three separate times with no success.  They finally had to turn the plane around and return to the gate.

So, everyone was delayed because Josh was acting like a brat.

And what was so important that he couldn’t turn off his phone?  He was texting about the plane being delayed.

Josh later said he was sorry.  (Wonder if Justin ever did?)

Name game

Celebrities must be stopped.

More and more of them seem to think that, just because they can act or sing, they can splash their name on all variety of items and sell them to their legion of fans.

The products don’t have to relate to their talents.  They don’t have to make sense at all, it appears.  They just have to make money.

It’s starting to get a bit ridiculous.

Exhibit A:  Justin Bieber nail polish

Tween girls normally wouldn’t take fashion advice from a boy.  But the ones infected with ‘Bieber fever’ will no doubt rush out and buy these nail lacquers simply because Justin said so.  Baby baby baby ooh.

Exhibit B:  Lenny Kravitz wallpaper

This looks like an album cover, but it’s actually one of Lenny’s wallpaper designs.  Kinda cool.  But I’m pretty sure he gets a lot of help creating them….as in, someone else does.  Seriously…would Lenny Kravitz ever be your first thought in home decor?  And if yes…why?

Exhibit C: Mariah Carey champagne

Mariah has probably drank a lot of champagne over the years. (The “Glitter” movie alone is reason enough.)   And she’s not the first celebrity to attach her name to bubbly, either.  But what does she really know about champagne?  Not much more than I do, I’m guessing…not a whole lot more than any of us.

Exhibit D:  Punky Brewster children’s clothing

Soleil Moon Frye, TV’s “Punky Brewster,” is the star behind this product line.  But at least she is smart enough to know that her childhood celebrity isn’t reason enough to buy it.  She worked with a real designer in its conception and even branded it something other than her own name.

Maybe she wasn’t such a brat after all.

Bang, it hit me

We all have moments in our lives when we’re overcome with doubt.

Worried we’re in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing — not fulfilling our destiny on this earth.  Sometimes, when I’m updating my status on Facebook or tweeting or watching television, I suddenly think:

What is my special purpose?

Then today, it hit me —

Swagger Coach

I hadn’t even heard of the term until yesterday.  But after reading that Justin Bieber employs a “cool white boy” to hang around with him to teach him “swaggerific things,” my life plan became amazingly clear.

I am a geek.

Geeks and nerds are taking over the planet.

Many of them have achieved their celebrity status virtually overnight.  I’ll bet money — and am willing to be paid alarming amounts of it, too — that many of those famous nerds would love to have a geeky, white chick such as myself teach them how to swagger in nerd-appropriate ways in the public eye.

The geeks’ may comb their hair differently than Baby Bieber — those that have hair — but they do have style, believe you me.  Can you say “Big Bang Theory?”

Oooo — now that cast would be excellent clients.