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Home field advantage

Excited to see Kansas City highlighted in this Citi commercial that just aired during The Open on NBC:

Just one of the many great things happening in this little big city!


I haven’t lived in Kansas City since 2000, but have family and many friends there, so I visit frequently. That’s why I can say, with much confidence, that Daniel Mueller, Digital Editor at Sun Times Network, is…


He recently posted a list of the Top Ten Mexican Restaurants in Kansas City and did not include my personal favorite:

margaritas kansas city

When I return to Kansas City, a trip to Margarita’s is always at the top of my list. I love their chips and salsa, their nachos, their daily specials, and signature margaritas, too. Plus, the general vibe of the place is just casual and comfortable and feels like home.

Don’t get me wrong — there are some great Mexican restaurants on Daniel’s list. But if a friend or visitor to Kansas City asked me where to go, I’d still point them to the place on Southwest Boulevard…

…with the flood line on the wall.


Welcome home

Two more wins.

KC Royals



One win away

KC Royals




Feeling conflicted about Valentine’s Day?

Add some bitter to your sweet.


These less-than-complimentary cookies are available in Kansas City at Sasha’s Baking Company.

I love them so much.

Thanks for sharing, Chuck! All thoughts of a normal Valentine’s Day just went out the door. But what can I say? I’m a hot mess.

Sheep schtick

It has been 22 years since The Silence of the Lambs won the Oscar for Best Picture.

Feeling old?

silenceThen come to New York City and see Silence: The Musical, the way funny parody of that award-winning horror story now playing on Broadway.

Clarisse is there…Dr. Lector, too.  And the wannabe transgender, his little dog and the senator’s daughter, ‘putting the lotion in the basket.’

But the lambs?

Well, they aren’t so silent in this version. They sing.  They dance.  They move set pieces.

Cast-of-Silence-The-Musical-650x433They even ‘clomp’ out a musical number using their little lamb hooves.  I had a major flashback to doing something similar during  a show at Martin City Melodrama & Vaudeville Company in Kansas City…

Just off-Broadway.

Hey every bunny!

Did you hear? It’s National Rabbit Week.

I know this because my Kansas City vet sent me an email alert.

They are having a special on bunny vet care this week — 15 percent off! All those Easter bunny owners, take note.

I am clearly entertained by this. A bunny alert? Seems like a hare-brain idea to me.

Misspelling intended.

Dressed to soapbox

I object.

To the methodology and the terminology, and I demand an apology for Kansas City.

Travel + Leisure recently published their annual ‘America’s Favorite Cities’ survey, where readers rate major destinations in a number of categories.

“Worst Dressed City in America” is one of them.

Now, poor Anchorage has the most to be offended about — they earned the top spot — but Kansas City got punched at number ten.


Having travelers judge how well-dressed people are in a city is like judging a city’s cuisine by the offerings at the airport.  Tourists typically see other tourists when they visit anywhere.  Why?

Because they hit the tourist spots recommended by magazines like Travel + Leisure, which are congested with folks who don’t live there, and are dressing for comfort, not style.

“Worst Dressed Tourists in America” — perhaps.

But don’t judge a city by its gawkers.


From 1992 to 2000, I lived in Kansas City, Missouri. I moved there for a job, not knowing too much about the city or how — or if — I would like it.


I loved the people, the food, the arts community, the food. And that’s also where I adopted Rory Dog.

Like I said — great people.

Kansas City is top of mind today because it’s Fountain Day  — the day they turn on all the public fountains in the city.  You do know that Kansas City is second only to Rome in the number of fountains?

It’s true.

So, if you get a chance to visit Kansas City, you’re sure to enjoy them.  Because as of today, the fountains are on.

It’s spring in Kansas City!

Funny, isn’t it?

Can any good come out of a dare?

Only friendships that last a lifetime.

A couple of decades ago (when I couldn’t have been more than five), a good friend and colleague at Hallmark Cards dared me to audition for an improv troupe in Kansas City called Lighten Up.

I accepted the challenge, was shocked to be chosen for their workshops, and soon found myself performing on the Lighten Up stage.

The next five years of my life were cast.  Every Friday and Saturday night I was on that stage.  And the players who I performed with soon became some of the best friends of my life.

They still are to this day.

That’s why I’m thrilled to rejoin the original members of the Lighten Up Improv Company tonight in a reunion performance.  Many of us haven’t done improv in years, so the show should be funny on many levels.

But hanging out with my best friends?

In the words of Trish Berrong, ‘that’s just stupid fun.’