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In honor of Kentucky’s game against Hampton in the NCAA tourney tonight…


…a work of art from my niece Hope!

#BBN #GoBigBlue #TimeforNine


Happy Pi Day


Go Big Blue! #BBN

Blue-White Day North

In honor of the Kentucky Wildcats’ undefeated regular season record of 31-0, and their start in tournament play, the mayor of Lexington, Kentucky declared today Blue-White Day in the glorious proclamation below:

blue white day

And I, in no official capacity, proclaim for New York City and surrounding environs —


Kentucky just beat Florida 64-49 in their first SEC Tournament game. Thanks for the positive juju, Mayor!

Big Blue Gratitude

At the beginning of March, I never would have dreamed that the 2014 NCAA tournament would be so much fun (or that my bracket — with my alma mater Kentucky in the finals — would be so highly accurate).

All those nail-biter games with Harrison’s incredible last-second shots (joined together in this composite video below)!

I am so proud of what this Kentucky Wildcats team has accomplished —

Thanks for the memories, guys!

More than a game

In Fever Pitch, the under-appreciated love letter to the Boston Red Sox, super fan Ben (Jimmy Fallon) tries to explain his single-minded devotion to the team to his workaholic girlfriend Sarah (Drew Barrymore):

fever pitch“Clearly, it’s not just a game! If it was, then obviously I wouldn’t care about it this much.

Twenty-three years.

Do you still care about anything you cared about years ago? How about–how about five? Name me a single thing that you’ve cared about for five years.”

That scene always spoke to me.  Even though Ben was talking baseball — a sport I personally never bonded with — I had that passion.  But mine was for…


Harrison shotI’m a proud UK alum.  Years ago, I camped out for those hard-to-come-by tickets at Rupp Arena.

Now in New York City, I  watch very game that the networks allow, and have suffered every negative comment slung at the team this season by the media, haters and ‘fans’ alike.

And I never stopped believing.

The 2014 NCAA tourney has been an incredible, heart-stopping, unbelievable ride.  Kudos to our young team for putting their heads down, playing their hearts out and showing what they are made off when it mattered the most.

Now, let’s all enjoy our FINAL FOUR experience!!



Laid up

I’m watching college basketball on ESPN —

Kentucky vs. Arkansas

Living in Manhattan, I am very excited to watch an SEC game.

The Razorback crowd in Walton Arena is loud and obnoxious.  The referees seem a bit partial.  But no matter the outcome, the game has to end better than this high school game in Washington last night.

Tie game. Seconds left. Grandview High stole the ball from Prosser High with enough time to score and win the game —

And this happened.

Malted dream balls?

I had a dream last night, and it was a real Whoppler.

Wait for it.

In the dream, I was talking with friends I worked with back in the day in Lexington, Kentucky.

We’re talking over 20 years ago.

I can only assume that the NCAA tourney earlier this week has brought that time in my life to the forefront of my brain.  But we weren’t talking about the Wildcats. No, we were all upset that we couldn’t find Whooplers in the local stores.

Not Whoopers, which is what I think we meant. Whooplers.

Even while the dream was taking place, I was thinking in the back of my mind…

Don’t we really mean Whoopers?

But I couldn’t seem to express it.

So I woke up this morning with Whoppers on the brain.  I hope I can find them in the local theatre.  (That’s the only place I ever eat them.)

And I hope my Lexington friend Paul Fast is doing well.  Because I dreamed about him last night.


So I’ve been thinking a lot about the number 8.

It’s taken on a near mystical quality this week — for an obvious reason — for Kentucky Wildcat fans.

But as digits go, it was already pretty cool.

Turn it on its side, and you’ve got an infinity symbol.  It’s the figure in figure skating.  And a few figure eight turns of a rope and you’ll got yourself a decent cinch.

But this week, it’s a magic number for me.  And I want to share that feeling with the world.

So, here you go.

The Magic Eight Ball

Go ahead — ask it anything.

You can thank me later.




Star map

While Kentucky was busy winning a national championship, the world kept turning.

And the planet Mars has come for a visit.

In fact, last night around 8:30pm ET, the moon, Mars, and the bright star Regulus formed a ‘cosmic triangle’ in the night sky.

Isosceles, from the look of it.

This is the closest Mars has been to the Earth in a month, and when it returns next month, it will only appear half as bright (something to do with its current retrograde motion, blah blah).  So this is a good time to take a look-see.

In the triangle , Mars is the reddish object, Regulus the blue.  And the moon…well, I think you can figure that one out for yourself.

Hmmm.  Red and blue ‘stars’ appear in the sky…right after the NCAA Finals?  I’m sure astronomers will simply point to the celestial calendar.  But I think this is proof positive:

There are college basketball fans on other planets.

Got game?

There are celebrities…

…and there are Kentucky celebrities.

Josh Hutcherson, who portrays Peeta in the blockbuster film The Hunger Games, hails from Union, Kentucky.  And like all good Kentuckians, Josh is a diehard UK fan.

He’s also a face painter.

He shared this pic last night during his appearance on Conan. And he revealed that co-star Jennifer Lawrence, also a Kentucky native, is a Louisville Cardinal fan.


Well, I definitely know who I’m backing in The Hunger Games now.