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Spooky sweet

For the past three days, the kitchen at my office has been overwhelmed by a strong aroma of molasses.
No one has ‘fessed up to eating waffles or pancakes, or syrup in any of its forms, but the molasses smell remains.

Then I read that today is the anniversary of the Great Molasses Flood of 1919!

Now granted, it took place in Boston’s North End. And I’ve never thought of food as having a spirit life. But…

I’m pretty sure the molasses ghosts are in our kitchen.


Samsung, I already love your brand. I’ve traveled up your smartphone chain to my current Galaxy5.

Satisfied customer, I am.

samsung frigSo my little heart fluttered when I read about your new smart refrigerator…with its ridiculously large touchscreen…which allows me to order groceries while standing in my kitchen, in front of my empty frig!

I’m a city chick who already uses Fresh Direct for my grocery delivery, so imagine how excited I am to have two of my favorite brands working together to make my life easy peasy.

It’s like the Jetsons, it is.

And when life starts to look and feel like the Jetsons, it’s a very good day indeed.

Sense memory

My aunt Hennie, who left this world at far too young an age, collected salt and pepper shakers.

Really interesting ones, that my cousins and I played with any time we visited.

toaster shakerI saw this shaker set today while I was out-and-about and immediately thought of her.

The toaster is simply a holder for the two slices of bread, which are the individual salt and pepper shakers.

Aunt Hennie would have loved it.

Plus or minus flavor

Love to cook?

Or just love the idea of cooking?

If you spend hours in the kitchen — or in front of the TV watching Food Network chefs spend hours in theirs, you’ll love this guide to kitchen conversions by graphic designer Shannon Lattin.





















No need to break your brain anymore halving or tripling recipes — Shannon’s done it for you!

I’m just gonna use it to check other folk’s work.  (You’re welcome.)

Paper part deux

Are these sticky notes a ‘good thing?’

Of course they are.  They’re Martha Stewart Sticky Notes.

You heard me.  Martha is branding sticky notes now.  Applying her custom colors — and what appears to be tiny notches — to the corner of everyday stickies.

They are supposedly super sticky — more so than the regular Avery brand that Staples carries.  And Martha has handpicked the colors, so they will coordinate with any other Martha accessories you have in your kitchen or home office.

Because using sticky notes that don’t match your home decor?

That’s definitely not a good thing.

Color study

I had a blue kitchen before blue kitchens were cool.

Obviously, this was many kitchens ago.

I’ve since had a black one, a red one and now a black/stainless combo.

But sitting in this Mexican restaurant in the Orlando airport, I am reminded of what I loved about that bright, saturated cobalt blue look.



Oh…and refried beans. I like that about this place, too.

The white stuff


You heard me.

And don’t act like you aren’t celebrating, either.

I mean, how could you not?  Baking soda has a plethora of uses around the kitchen and home.

Did you know that baking soda…

  • Helps baked goods rise
  • Relieves stomach indigestion
  • Removes odors in the refrigerator and kitty litter
  • Can tenderize meat
  • Can minimize flatulance from eating beans
  • Polishes silverware
  • Removes burned food from pots and pans

How would we get along with it?  Why aren’t we celebrating National Baking Soda Week??

Sorry.  Got overly excited.  Going to drink some baking soda mixed in water to calm myself.

Enjoy the day.