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Apple of my eye

As Hollywood couples go, Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard are the coolest.

Both are really funny on-screen, and if you follow them on Twitter, you get a feeling they crack each up other at home as well.

‘Cause they don’t take themselves too seriously.  Appear to live fairly simply.  Love their daughter and their dogs.

Then they go and make this commercial —

They’re not in the Apple cult!

I love them so much right now.

You can’t unsee this

It’s noon, and I have already been to Central Park and Times Square.

On Halloween.

In New York City.






Oh, the things my eyes have seen!!!

Please don’t cry

I like movies.

I like actress Kristen Bell.

She loves sloths.

This is for you, Kristen.


Hear ye

On the surface, Hit and Run doesn’t look like a message movie.

But then again, I didn’t really go to learn anything.

I like the story of how this little movie, written and directed by Dax Shephard — who also stars in the film with his girlfriend Kristen Bell and a lot of his friends — was made for a song and then got picked up by a major distributor and is now in theaters.

The little engine that could.

So while the plot isn’t my normal cup of tea, I went to see it to support indie film making…and actors that I enjoy watching.  And then this tiny sub-plot pops up half-way through the movie —

A message for dog owners, no less.

How you shouldn’t tie up your pets outside stores and restaurants where they could easily be stolen.  And the big difference the type of food you feed your dog makes, both in their health and happiness.

And who taught these lessons in the movie?

The “bad guy”…in a really funny way.  It’s worth the price of the film just to see this short segment.  I applaud Dax for finding a way to make those points in such an entertaining fashion.

Here’s hoping folks get the message.