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Famous face in an endless line

Today I went to see the new Christopher Durang play Sonia and Vanya and Masha and Spike…

…and who should I happen to meet in the line for the ladies room?

alexis-bledelRory Gilmore

I believe she goes by Alexis Bledel these days — since Gilmore Girls sadly is no more — but she sees Broadway shows and uses the restroom..

Just Like Us.

The line for the ladies room before the show today was epic, it was so long.  And when Alexis entered the lounge, she walked up to the midpoint (where I was standing) to confirm that she was in the right place.  When I showed her the end of the line, she commented — in true Rory fashion —


She headed that way — seemingly not expecting or requesting special treatment — but soon abandoned the line and headed upstairs to the theatre.  Perhaps her fiancee was waiting for her….with a Port-A-Potty.

Celebrities have all the luck.