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Location, location

I’m watching Food Network Star right now, which has been in Las Vegas for the past couple of weeks.

But it certainly doesn’t look like Vegas.

food network star vegasEvery time Bobby, Alton or Giada — the show’s three hallowed hosts — stand before this season’s contestants to set up a challenge, it looks like they are shooting the episode in an empty room. Or vacant parking lot.

Food Network goes to such great lengths to clear out the ‘normal folk’ during production, Vegas looks nothing like the manic city I have experienced every time I’ve had the chance to visit.

Why go to the expense of using Vegas as your backdrop if you’re going to make it sterile and still?  You might as well fake the whole thing at the Food Network studios here in New York City.

The show’s producers must have heard me.  They just announced this week’s survivors are coming to Manhattan for the remainder of the season.

That will probably look like Cleveland.




By Grabthar’s hammer

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m a Star Trek fan.  But not so big that I would attend the annual Creation Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas (or even notice an article about it until months later).

But notice it today I did.

Trekkers at the convention attempted to rank all the movies in the franchise from best to worst.  It’s no surprise that Star Trek II Wrath of Khan topped the list, and even less that the most recent Star Trek Into Darkness landed at the bottom.  After all, these are the most rabid fans.

And the movie these Trekkers placed in the #7 slot?

Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest, a hilarious 1999 send-up of the series and its fan base.

During the convention, Quest held the #1 and #2 spots early in the voting before slipping to the halfway mark to split the other 12 Star Trek movies.

Makes me like these geeks even more!

Blackjack and music and comedy

Sin City, I am in you!


Fifteen years ago, when I made my first trip to Las Vegas, I stayed at the New York New York Hotel. At the time it was fairly new to the strip, and a bit trendy.

For me it was also a tad bit aspirational.  I didn’t live in NYC at the time and wanted to…why not get some good karma?

We have returned there. This time the property was simply a deal…and a fun reminder of home. But I still want to ride the rollercoaster.

May have to do that on my own. (Not everyone appears to have packed their cahones.)

Next stop — Rock of Ages and Ray Romano!!

Double or nothin’

animated dice


Guess who’s headed to VEGAS??

Come on…guess.

I’ll give you great odds.

Gotta love those sparkly dice, am I right??


Get the message

I love watching movies on the big screen. Many of my friends prefer to stay at home.

Price is only one factor.

They hate having their movie ruined by chattering, texting, rude people in the theatre.

Let’s face it — it happens more often than not.

And it might be getting a lot worse.

At a recent CinemaCon panel in Las Vegas, movie executives from Regal and IMAX chains said they both had discussed allowing texting during movie screenings to make the experience more interactive for younger viewers.



It’s bad enough already, with cellphones randomly lighting up the theatre and distracting your eye from the screen.  Imagine what it would look like if they were on throughout the film.  The incessant clicking.  The chatter as people shared text messages.

If movie executives want to lose customers, it’s the perfect business model.

Text them that.


If you read The Egg with any regularity, you know I was in Vegas last weekend.  I worked.  I gambled.  I came home.

Or so I thought.

Recent photos on Facebook have revealed that I not only stayed in the same hotel as a good friend and former boss –we worked together almost 20 years ago — but I unknowingly met and spoke to his then future daughter-in-law in the elevator.

What the wha??

We were all staying at the Aria Las Vegas.  I was leading a workshop at a conference.  When I spoke to Britt — I didn’t know her name at the time — she told me that she was getting married on 9/10/11.

She was all smiles, of course.  I complimented her blonde updo and wished her all the best.

It was nice to think of weddings as I went off to work.

Little did I know — until I spied the photos today on Facebook — that I knew Britt’s future husband and in-laws.  Had worked with her future father-in-law for three years.  Could have scored an invite to the reception, at the very least.

It’s a small world, after all.

Let’s go flying

As I write this, I’m flying home from Vegas.

Yes, I’m flying on 9/11.

I have flown on the anniversary of the attacks almost every year since 2001.  I won’t lie; it does give me a moment’s pause, but only because that date is etched on my mind as it no doubt is on yours.

But to refuse to travel today would mean the terrorists won.  To be scared to go about my day-to-day activities…to be frightened to be in or to live in New York City — is ridiculous.

I refuse to live in fear.

Plus, if I had flown another day, I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet the couple from Switzerland on my flight today.  They just completed a three-week motorcycle tour of the western US.  On Harleys.  Had the leather jackets on and everything.

Now, that’s the American way.