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When is a duck not a duck?


When it’s a Lego duck that we made during a work event.

It’s customer engagement through play.


Christmas in August

Dear Santa’s elves (cause let’s face it — the big guy is on a beach somewhere):


I want. No…I need.

I have extensive experience creating Lego homes with far fewer resources, so I will appreciate the level of detail in this Big Bang Theory recreation.

I hope my advance notice helps secure my ‘order.’

Hi to Rudolph,

The Egg

On my block

Here’s a view of New York City that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade coverage simply cannot provide…

No, you don’t need special New Yorker senses to see this —

You need 3D Artist and Motion designer JR Schmidt.

He created this New York City view using satellite imagery to break down the landscape into pixels and then replicate the block format with LEGO.  If you like the look, he has created an online store just in time for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!