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Hey sailor


Seen on board a Lego recreation of the USS Missouri at Catigny Museum


Bricks and movies

When we were kids, my sister Lou and I spent a lot of time playing with Legos….not that we ever really built anything.  No mega skyscrapers or castles.  No construction sites or villages with train depots.

We made dogs.

Yep — simple little dogs who lived in small, one-level Lego houses. No roofs. No windows even.  Just your basic foundation with low walls, so the dogs could move from kitchen to living room to bedroom as they went about their daily lives.

Hey, it worked for us.

I was reminded of our little doggie dramas when I happened upon the amazingly detailed movie scenes that artist Alex Eylar created with Legos to celebrate the 2011 Academy Award Best Picture nominees.

These things are brilliant!  Using only Legos, Alex was able to communicate each movie’s storyline and emotional essence.   It’s difficult to select a favorite — they are all amazing in their own way — but I have included three below.

Enjoy the full gallery here.  Then, grab some Legos and build your own drama (or dog house).




127 Hours




The King’s Speech




Black Swan