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I had seen images online of the April 6th issue of Sports Illustrated, so I couldn’t wait to get mine in the mail.

Just look at that angle of Karl-Anthony Towns in action:

SI April 6










But then I got my issue today. And it looked like this:

April 6th SI










Because apparently there are no college basketball fans in the Northeast.

I mean, how could there be?  No teams from this area made the Final Four.  And there couldn’t possibly be fans of Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State or Duke outside their state lines, right?

(Well, probably not Duke.)

Don’t worry.  I’ve already contacted SI and requested a copy of the Kentucky cover issue.  And written a letter to the editor.

March Madness only comes once a year.

Trade you the funnies

Students who attend my classes know that I often pull examples out of thin air. And if an animal is part of the storyline, 9 times out of 10 —

It’s a squirrel.  (I don’t know why.)

So you will understand why this photo of a chipmunk in Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park caught my eye.

chipmunk reader

Photographer Michael Higgins spotted the little fellow ‘reading a newspaper’ while on a camping trip.

Too cute.

And it explains the chipmunk’s Letter to the Editor the following week.