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Tinkle, tinkle

The acoustics in our hotel meeting room today were not ideal.

Microphones popped. Feedback screamed in our ears. And still other presenters were impossible to hear.

But in the back of the room, we were soothed by the delicate clink and tinkle of…


Crystal chandeliers.

Although located high above us in the ballroom, their sway in the air-conditioned breeze was both soothing and unexpected.

Wonder how my living room would look sporting one?

How I see it

It’s been almost a year since The Egg dared to ask:

Why do so many people attempt to photograph the food they are eating?

I argued amateur attempts often make food and drink look — well — unappetizing.  Comments in response to my post disagreed.

Point taken.

But I did want to share an example of some exceptional professional food photography…by Lincoln Barbour.

Bagels and LoxThese four strips of bacon on a flat top grill were shot on location at Fuller’s Restaurant for a Portland Monthly feature on the city’s best breakfast.

Look at the color, the lighting, the composition. This is no simple shot of half-eaten eggs and bacon on a plate —

This is art.

That’s all I’m saying.



On the button

I love this photo.

I love the colors, the composition, the lighting.

It even fits the Labor Day theme.

Think of all the work that went into making each button. Think of the hands that sewed these buttons onto shirts, blouses, pants and shorts…and then sewed them back on when they fell off.

Think of the craftsmen who utilized these buttons for all kinds of other projects. Think of the photographer who conceived and shot this very photo.

A lot of labor went into these buttons.

But looking at them takes no effort at all.