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Dynamic duos

Ricky and Lucy.  Ross and Rachel.  Sam and Diane.   Every generation has had its seminal TV couple.  But not today.

We gots all kinds of ’em!

Thanks to a really strong lineup of sitcoms — and dramas, too — the current television landscape boasts multiple couples with great chemistry, fun banter, and unconventional relationships.

Do I have favorites?  You betcha!  (Thanks for asking.)

Here are my 2011 Top Five TV Couples:

No. 5Sheldon and Amy, The Big Bang Theory — Call them the ‘uncouple’.  They don’t like to spend too much time together, preferring to Skype.  The terms ‘girlfriend’ and ‘boyfriend’ offend their sensibilities.  And the only kiss they have ever exchanged was more scientific experiment than sexual act.  But their pairing has added a spark to the already smoking nerd fest that is TBBT. Long live Shamy!

No. 4:  Jack and Liz, 30 Rock — We’ve all had that work colleague who is more than a friend.  But in the fantastical world that is 30 Rock, Liz and Jack’s more-than-a-friendship mentor-ship blurs the lines in bizarre, often disturbing, always hilarious ways.  Heck, they even got married by accident.  If I had a nickel…

No. 3:  Castle and Beckett, Castle — This may be a TV drama, but anyone who watches Castle knows this police procedural is sprinkled with a heavy helping of funny, thanks to Nathan Fillion’s take on its namesake.  And his chemistry with Detective Beckett is as Sam and Diane as it gets on TV today.  Will they?  Won’t they?  When?  Hurry up already!

No.2:  Ben and Leslie, Parks & Recreation — My favorite ‘newbie couple’ on TV today, Ben and Leslie are as positive and life affirming as those shiba inu puppies on the web cam.  I love their characters separately; I love the idea of them together even more.  Since the series is relatively young, I thought they’d keep us dangling like a worm on a hook in a lake in a park in Indiana. But did you see last night?  “Uh oh.”

And, last but definitely not least, my choice for the absolute bestest TV couple of 2011:

No. 1:  Claire and Phil, Modern Family — No couple on TV is funnier because no two actors are braver.  The Dunphys’ sexual exploits alone are worth a spin-off.  (Could they be more unsuccessful?  How did they have three children?)   This week’s episode “Bad Dog, Good Dog”  — featuring a brilliant parenting role switcheroo — was yet another tour de force for Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen.  They are, simply put, the very best on television today.

Emmy voters, mark your ballots.


Spot on

As funny as 30 Rock is each week, I have to ding the series for often being a bit too…outrageous for its own good.

Hear me out.

For every episode that is relationship-centered and hilarious — Liz’s recent break up with Carol on the plane, for example — there are two more that are simply…weird.  Laughs generated by ridiculous situations seemingly pulled out of a hat and slapped upon the TGS show-within-a-show format.

But last night’s episode — where Liz is painted as a ‘woman hater’ — was nothing short of brilliant.  Not only because it focuses on her relationship with a new writer and is inherently more ‘real.’

It speaks to a reality for all women.

From childhood, we are programmed to compete with other women.  Our first competition?  Our mothers…for our father’s and siblings’ attention.

That’s why our moms tend to be painfully honest with us.  Because that’s what competitors do.  Even the ones that love you.

Then we are launched into a world filled with not-so-loving females.  Girls who are our competitors for school achievements.  Boyfriends.   Jobs.  Husbands.   And then we become mothers of daughters ourselves….the competition continues.

Thank you, 30 Rock, for pointing out the funny — and not so funny — in real life.  Your show is better for it.

Hopefully a few people stopped to think after the laughter died away.