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Selling the games

We’ve all probably watched the Olympics at some point and imagined ourselves, standing at the medal ceremony, singing the national anthem with a gold medal around our neck.

It’s a nice dream.

But how about a trash bin that was actually used in the athletes village bathroom?  Did you dare dream you’d own one of those?

Be still your heart — you can.

In fact you and 2,505 folks willing to pony up the 2.5 British pounds can turn your toilet into an official Olympic shrine by shopping remainsofthegames.co.uk.

And you won’t just score trash bins, no sirree!  We’re talking traffic barriers and clocks, fire extinguishers and TV stands — all kinds of items the Olympic athletes used during the games.

Want a mattress slept on by an Olympic swimmer?  Now’s your chance!

How ’bout a mirror that was looked upon by a gymnast, track star or beach volleyball player?  Get your credit card ready.

Now…isn’t that better than a medal?

Breakfast at Wimbledon

Guess which Olympic sport I’m watching this morning?

Murray vs. Federer, for the gold medal, in a Wimbledon final rematch — it will be EPIC!

(Now, sit down everyone…and put down your balls.)

Be free, live, run

I have spent a lot of time this past week watching — and writing about — the Olympics.

And while I knew I would be glued to the TV watching Olympic tennis and gymnastics and swimming and diving and basketball, I have been pleasantly surprised to find how much I am also enjoying….

The commercials.

Advertisers get all kinds of props for the spots they put together for the Super Bowl each year, but I don’t think enough has been said — if anything — about the commercials in the London Olympics.

My personal fav?

The ad ‘The Beach,’ featuring the Chappo song “Come Home.”  I’ve seen it several times, and it makes me laugh every time.

Give those guys a medal.


I know how to fix the London Olympics.

Didn’t know they were broken?  You must not be on Twitter.

NBC Sports’ determination to tape delay the major Olympic events until primetime — namely swimming, gymnastics and that little ol’ opening ceremony — is simply not working in the era of social media.

Other outlets are live tweeting the results, and NBC’s own reporters and anchors are blabbing the outcomes before they are broadcast back home.  Not to mention tweeters in attendance at the games.

Which kinda sucks if you like to watch a sporting event with some teeny tiny amount of suspense about the outcome.

Which I do.

But I have a solution.  It’s actually a solution that NBC Sports is using right now for tennis — give the major Olympic sports their own channel.

All the Olympic tennis matches are being shown LIVE on Bravo.  Why not give swimming its own channel?  And gymnastics one as well?  That way all the competitions are broadcast LIVE when they happen — not snippets on the Internet, but the entire coverage — and NBC can still replay them in primetime for the folks who didn’t see them.

Which is all you, NBC, are basically doing right now.

Time for an intervention

While I was watching my zillionth hour of Olympic coverage this weekend — hey, don’t judge — one commercial in particular caught my eye.

It was shot from the athletes’ point of view as they trained in their different disciplines.  The voices changed, but they each spoke about what they had to give up to excel at their sport.

Dessert.  Sleep.  Extracurricular activities. TV.

(TV?  Yet another reason I would never make it…)

That’s when it hit me.  These aren’t athletes — they’re a cult!  Am I reacting too hastily?  Let’s take another look, just to be sure.

Uh oh.

Guys…guys, can you hear me?

I’m over here!  What are you looking at?!

Man…I think they’re too far gone.

Good show

Did you spy the lucky Brits chosen to participate in the London Olympics Opening Ceremonies?

Ewan McGregor. Kate Winslet. J.K. Rowling. Daniel Craig. Mr. Bean. Sirs Paul McCarthy and Kenneth Branagh…and the Queen herself, of course.

But what about the loyal subjects who got snubbed?

Mashable.com writer  Annie Colbert highlights 10 notable no-shows in director Danny Boyle’s epic extravaganza.

Ricky Gervais. Wallace and Grommit. Ask.com’s Jeeves. Pseudo-Brit Madonna.  And what about Robert Pattinson?

He could have really used the attention this week.

While I see the logic behind Annie’s picks, I think she missed the most obvious omission in Boyle’s Olympic costume drama —

The cast of Downton Abbey.

They were dressed and ready and waiting for their cue.  Seems like a misstep to me.

Just saying.



Big bite

I just discovered a sport that I’d be great at…


It’s part of the “Big Appetites” collection by Seattle photographer Christopher Boffoli. I learned about the series just this morning in a Twitter recommendation from everyone’s favorite human Neil Patrick Harris.

Thanks, Barney.

All the photos in the collection feature tiny people in a world of big foods, which is fun to look at, sure — but is also a whimsical representation of our obsession with all things food.

Speaking of which…

It’s lunchtime.  Gotta grab a bite between Olympic viewings.