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Where have all the BBQ corn chips gone?

It’s not a silly question — it’s a timely one.

national corn chip day

Today is a national holiday devoted to this salty, crunchy, life-altering, lunch-completing, yummy snack.

Sure, I’ve eaten a few.

Personally, I prefer the BBQ variety.  But for some reason — I’m thinking all those healthier choices crowding the snack aisle — BBQ corn chips are harder and harder to find in my neighborhood bodega and grocery store.

So today’s post is my personal plea to Frito Lay, a company I have helped keep in business over the years:

“I want more.”

Small world, big city

little manhattan posterRight after I moved to New York City in 2006, I saw the movie Little Manhattan on cable.

It had been released the year before, but I had unique experience of watching the characters interact on the streets right outside my Upper West Side apartment — when those streets were still fairly new to me.

It was also a love story — albeit an innocent one — between an 11-year old boy and girl, which you don’t see every day.

It was on cable again today.  I caught the last 30 minutes while I was eating lunch.

This time the streets were very familiar — even more so, since I have moved even closer to the film’s epicenter.  The story was still sweet, but one of the actors is now…

Break-out famous.

That little boy is none other than Josh Hutcherson, Peeta in the Hunger Games saga.  My, how he has grown.  And back when I first saw Little Manhattan, I didn’t realize that Josh was also a fellow Kentuckian.

New York City really is a very small town.


sausage guy2Know this guy?

Sure you do — the sausage guy, right?

Always reminding you to eat a good breakfast.  Sometimes is being circled by the planets.

Nice guy.

Well, today, be on the lookout.  He may be pushier than usual.

sausage guyYou may even notice him loitering around….trying to insert himself into your lunch — dinner, too.

Sausage, sausage, sausage — you won’t hear the end of it.

And that’s because it’s….

National Sausage Pizza Day!!!!

Of course, you may have already heard about this from William Shatner. He might be wandering around your house, too.

If you see something, say something.  And have a slice!

Kirk, out.

If you’re a frequent reader of the Sticky Egg — and if you are, thanks for that — you know from time to time I celebrate bizarre holidays on the calendar.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. National Cheese Doodle Day. National Iced Tea Day.

I’ve always known I had company in the celebrations — hence the term ‘national’ — but I also have an unlikely partner in their promotion:

william shatnerWilliam Shatner

Yep. Captain James T. Kirk himself has taken to Twitter to give advance notification of these holidays…usually on the day before.

Just yesterday, in fact, he told folks in his Twitter feed —

“Tomorrow’s 2fer may be confusing. Tomorrow is National Fluffernutter Day & National Pierogi Day! If you have questions Google or Bing it!”

No worries, Captain.  Let me break it down for everyone:







Sugar, sugar

Yesterday Culturalist posted the Top Ten Best Pop Tart Flavors of All Time.

Brown Sugar Cinnamon was #2.bs_poptarts

[Insert string of expletives here] WHAT!??!??!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

No Pop Tart flavor has ever or will ever exceed the warm, Saturday-morning, better-than-even-grandma-could make goodness that is Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts.

The original un-frosted version is even yummier, if you can wrap your brain around that.

S’Mores?  Chocolate Fudge?  Cookies and Creme?  Please, they don’t stand a chance.  They’re mere snack foods.  Brown Sugar Cinnamon dominates breakfast, lunch, dinner and any time in between.

Culturalist — I know it’s not your fault.  You aggregate lists submitted by your users.  (You just might want to take a closer look at your users…ya know?)

Call me curdled

Yummy? Creamy? Better-tasting?

Sorry, Greek yogurt, I ain’t buying it.

greek-yogurt-masterOh, I’ve tried your wares — different brands, different fruit-and-yogurt combos, too — and it’s true you don’t taste like other yogurts…

You taste like sour cream.

And I wouldn’t choose to eat anything that has turned for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I did add the fruit. Didn’t help. I added sweetener, too…and then wondered why I was going to all that trouble when I can simply eat Activia when I have a hankering for yogurt.

It already tastes good.

john-stamos-superbowl-commercialI’ll admit, John Stamos is a very appealing spokesperson for Greek yogurt, but he doesn’t deliver, either —

When I bought his brand, he was nowhere to be seen.

Maybe that accounts for the bad taste in my mouth.

Food chain mail

So I was talking to a friend of mine today on IM about his lunch.

He:  “I have a scoop of pulled pork on the side.”

Me:  “In a cone?”

(Ice cream cone, of course…)

He:  “That would be tasty.”

Me:  “With sprinkles.”

He:  “Bacon sprinkles.”

Me:  “Yeah…like twice cooked pork!”

He:  “Exactly.”

Me:  🙂

Greats minds combine!   But afterwards, I found my mind returning to the idea of…

cone with sprinklesCandy sprinkles on ice cream.


I need to get me some of that.

Warning: this is very cheesy

Time to use your great big noodle,
And celebrate the famed cheese doodle!

cheese doodles2

Better than cheesecake or strudel,
The dusty, yummy puffed cheese doodle!

Got yourself a cockapoodle?
Those pups love crunching their cheese doodle!

What’s for lunch? Just oodles and oodles
Of that beloved snack — cheese doodles!


Making do

I had to settle for a vending machine lunch today.

The clock simply ran out.

Full disclosure: this is not a hardship for me.  I like junk food a bit too much.  But as I get older, I have a harder time justifying vending machine fare as a meal.

This is what I settled for today:

junk food lunch

I figured Combos are basically cheese and crackers; that’s not a horrible lunch entree.  And the banana — which I got at the convenience store in the morning — added another food group and made me feel like I got a semi-dessert.

I think I did pretty good.  (Plus, I avoided the Pop Tarts that I really wanted.)

What do you consider an acceptable vending machine meal?

No beans about it

I’m watching 24 in 24Sandwich King Jeff Mauro’s new show on Food Network.

(It’s kinda like the $40 a Day series that Rachael Ray did way back when, but with less scratch.)

He’s in Cleveland in tonight’s episode, and he’s eating chili for lunch.

Now I love chili, and today’s dramatic drop in temperatures makes it sound especially good.  I don’t have any chili on me, but I am really enjoying watch him eat chicken chili from Palookaville Chili in Cleveland.

But he made a curious claim during the program.

He said chili is usually the “B-film of food.”  It’s canned stuff.  It goes on hot dogs.  It’s not the star.

I love the Sandwich King, but I consider chili to be at the top of the soup chain.  At the top of the stew chain.  At the top of Rachael Ray’s ‘stoup’ chain (combo soup/stew).

Chili is king.  And was king long before Jeff won Food Network Star.

Let’s show it a little respect.