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Something’s cooking

My niece dressed as Martha Stewart at her office for Halloween this year. An essential part of her costume?

An apron.

I realized when she posted a pic that I hadn’t worn an apron in years and have only owned one in my entire life — an apron that I made in my home economics class in high school.

snoopy apronIt looked much like the one at left, except mine was constructed out of blue denim.

It featured Snoopy and Woodstock and the dog bowl, too…and I think one of them was holding a sign — appliqued, you understand.

I got an ‘A’ for my sewing job…and I think I could probably still pull it off today.

Not sure my cooking skills would make the same grade.

Paper part deux

Are these sticky notes a ‘good thing?’

Of course they are.  They’re Martha Stewart Sticky Notes.

You heard me.  Martha is branding sticky notes now.  Applying her custom colors — and what appears to be tiny notches — to the corner of everyday stickies.

They are supposedly super sticky — more so than the regular Avery brand that Staples carries.  And Martha has handpicked the colors, so they will coordinate with any other Martha accessories you have in your kitchen or home office.

Because using sticky notes that don’t match your home decor?

That’s definitely not a good thing.

Too much

So I was vegging out on the couch, in a Sunday morning coma, watching 50 First Dates.  A good start to the day.

Then a commercial for “Martha Stewart Pets” came on.  Really?  She’s trying to take over the pet market, too?

Darn that woman.

But I go online to look, so the ad worked.  And of course, the products are well-designed and pretty, if you like Martha’s color palette.  (You can check them out on petsmart.com.)

More exciting to me, though, was my accidental find via Google of Martha Stewart Pet Rocks.

Just look at them!  Only Martha could take pet rocks to a whole new level.

I mean, that turtle is a piece of art.  And I can think of someone in particular who would love those frogs.

I may make the doggie door stop for myself.   We’ll see if mine ends up looking like a dachshund or a dalmatian. But Martha has posted the “simple” instructions online.

Don’t you just hate her?