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Good show

Did you spy the lucky Brits chosen to participate in the London Olympics Opening Ceremonies?

Ewan McGregor. Kate Winslet. J.K. Rowling. Daniel Craig. Mr. Bean. Sirs Paul McCarthy and Kenneth Branagh…and the Queen herself, of course.

But what about the loyal subjects who got snubbed?

Mashable.com writer  Annie Colbert highlights 10 notable no-shows in director Danny Boyle’s epic extravaganza.

Ricky Gervais. Wallace and Grommit. Ask.com’s Jeeves. Pseudo-Brit Madonna.  And what about Robert Pattinson?

He could have really used the attention this week.

While I see the logic behind Annie’s picks, I think she missed the most obvious omission in Boyle’s Olympic costume drama —

The cast of Downton Abbey.

They were dressed and ready and waiting for their cue.  Seems like a misstep to me.

Just saying.



Just right

It’s Fourth of July weekend — albeit a stormy one here in New York City — and Mashable.com has posted 15 fun ways to ‘geek up’ your 4th of July.

My favorite?

A picnic table condiment set, complete with vintage containers.

Mashable likes it because it’s a retro, miniature version of the real thing.

Maybe it’s my New York City point of view, but….

Looks full size to me.