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Eating dots

Quick — wanna look busy?


Play the World’s Biggest Pac-Man game right on your computer!

It’s going on now online, and is being played by people around the world.

The mazes are interconnected and go on and on and on.  You can start wherever you want and play as long and as far as your skill will take you.  You can also play alone or challenge competitors online, and check your stats against…


There now.  Doesn’t that sound like a whole lot more fun than work??


Shopper fatigue

Do you like being lost?  Disoriented?

IKEA is betting your own cold, hard cash that you don’t.  That’s why they’ve designed their stores like a maze.

It takes the average shopper three hours  — and some as long as eight — to weave their way through the retailer’s carefully merchandised, catalog-inspired stores.  So by the time shoppers are able to find the warehouse area where they can actually purchase something and leave, they usually buy stuff they never intended (or perhaps even wanted).

It’s simple psychology, says Alan Penn, director of the Virtual Reality Centre for the Built Environment at University College London.  The longer shoppers are exposed to IKEA’s products, the more impulse buys they are likely to make.  And the confusing layout means they grab stuff when they see it, because backtracking to find items later would require bread crumbs…or an overnight stay.

This type of conscious manipulation kinda creeps me out…and pisses me off a little.  I have always thought of IKEA products as sleek, modern and forward thinking — all about ease and simplicity.

But this kind of marketing duplicity runs counter to their brand image.  When your products are as cool as IKEA’s — and as well-priced — do you really have to trap shoppers in the store to make sure they buy enough before they leave?

Maybe I’m the one being simple.