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A rant on ‘rants’

Does tennis great John McEnroe have a history of histrionics?


But I take issue with media outlets like Page Six calling his recent comments about New York City cyclists a ‘rant.’

My neighbor was simply speaking the truth.

McEnroe was speaking with ABC correspondent Lynn Sherr at a Central Park Conservancy Women’s Committee luncheon when he made the remarks, citing his experience as a cyclist himself.

I didn’t attend the luncheon, but his remarks in the article give an accurate account of the majority of cyclists’ behavior in Central Park.  They travel at dangerous speeds, don’t break for pedestrians, and have caused numerous injuries and even a few deaths.

I personally appreciate someone of McEnroe’s stature bringing attention to this situation.

Remember when we had unbiased media who filed the stories?



I know how to fix the London Olympics.

Didn’t know they were broken?  You must not be on Twitter.

NBC Sports’ determination to tape delay the major Olympic events until primetime — namely swimming, gymnastics and that little ol’ opening ceremony — is simply not working in the era of social media.

Other outlets are live tweeting the results, and NBC’s own reporters and anchors are blabbing the outcomes before they are broadcast back home.  Not to mention tweeters in attendance at the games.

Which kinda sucks if you like to watch a sporting event with some teeny tiny amount of suspense about the outcome.

Which I do.

But I have a solution.  It’s actually a solution that NBC Sports is using right now for tennis — give the major Olympic sports their own channel.

All the Olympic tennis matches are being shown LIVE on Bravo.  Why not give swimming its own channel?  And gymnastics one as well?  That way all the competitions are broadcast LIVE when they happen — not snippets on the Internet, but the entire coverage — and NBC can still replay them in primetime for the folks who didn’t see them.

Which is all you, NBC, are basically doing right now.

Carrey’d away

File this one under:

Brilliant self-promotion most people don’t get

Even seasoned media outlets like the Chicago SunTimes were shaking their heads at Carrey’s online profession of love for actress and comedienne Emma Stone.

You’d think they would understand good ol’ fashioned PR.

Who’s the hottest actress on the planet right now?  Emma Stone.  So if you’re Jim Carrey and you’re trying to draw attention to your TruLife website, who are you gonna target?

Emma Stone

Is the video weird?  Sure.  Is it funny creepy?  Uh, yeah.  Is everyone talking about it?


And that’s exactly what Jim Carrey wanted.  So, for the SunTimes to say Carrey’s video love note “falls flat”…

…means the jokes on them.