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A+ I

The media has been talking so much lately about the movies that are really bad (Hot Pursuit, Paul Blart 2) that we haven’t heard nearly enough about the great ones.

Like Ex Machina.

Ex-Machina-cast-bannerSci fi? Yes.

But it’s so much more. And I challenge any of you who may have dismissed its AI premise to give it another look.

For one, the performances are stellar. Alicia Vikander as the robot Ava is stunning. You can completely understand why Caleb, played by the equally compelling Domhnall Gleeson, is so taken with her, because you are, too. (And does anyone remember that the two were also romantically paired in the wonderful Anna Karenina? #PointsMe)

Oscar Isaac is also the most wonderful kinda crazy as Ava’s inventor.  “Isn’t it strange,” Ava asks him, “to create something that hates you?”

The cat and mouse game in this movie is wonderful. The film is filled with monsters, and it won’t be too long before you don’t know which is which. You’ll leave the theater talking about this film long afterwards.

For the right reasons.

Alert the media

There are alphabets in my oatmeal!


‘C’ is the first letter of my first name!  My last name,  too!

What can it mean?

Family business

The broadcast and online media outlets have all gone gooey-eyed over the way NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams announced his own daughter Allison’s casting in the plum role of Peter Pan in the network’s upcoming live action production —

No tears here.

I demand that the full investigative reporting resources at NBC News be hurled at this story, which reeks of nepotism, entitlement and…dare I say, piracy.

J.M. Barrie said it best:

“Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you your daddy will sacrifice everything else for it.”

Vroom vroom

Have a child who needs a little extra discipline?

Take them to Mexico.

Police officers in Cuidad Juarez ticketed a six-year old boy who ran his brand new mini motorbike into an SUV.  The child was charged with reckless driving, driving without a license and not having his vehicle registered.

Hope he could walk a straight line.

The police impounded his Christmas present, too, and posted $183 in fines.  So the boy’s mother went to the media in protest.  The city council caved to the pressure, dropped the fines, released the bike and punished the policemen.

Which just goes to show you…

Crying works at any age.

Stomach this

What’s that I hear going bump in the night?

Could it be all the goodwill surrounding Beyonce’s pregnancy?

The headline of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards was the announcement of the impending arrival of the superstar coupling of Beyonce and Jay-Z.  Her red carpet gown and the teeny tiny tuxedo she later wore on stage were both tailored to put her baby bump on full display.

Cue the oohs and ahhs.

But photos taken only one week prior to the event reveal a very different mother-to-be, her flat stomach barely showing at all…as you might expect from someone who’s only two months along.

So why would Beyonce fake it?

Some say she wanted to announce the pregnancy at the awards show, and a cute, rounded bump garners more attention than no tummy at all.  Poor baby — it isn’t even born yet, and Beyonce is already using implants to make it appear more ‘perfect.’

Did she forget the paparazzi follows her and photographs her 24/7?  Someone was bound to notice her stomach’s way-too-sudden eruption.

Perhaps I bought into her PR machine, but I thought Beyonce was more genuine than that.

Guess I expected better.

Parlez-vous Craigy

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

And what of potential litigants?

Well, if you are the brilliant Craig Ferguson, you invite them on The Late Late Show and win over the judge, the jury, the audience, and the entire country of France all in one night.

Bien joué, Mr. Ferguson, bien joué.   (That means “well played.”)

Craig didn’t stop there either — no indeed!  Craig let that French impostor help him and Geoff Peterson, his robot skeleton, answer emails and tweets.  Craig even gave Arthur tips on how to incorporate a similar segment into his French program.  (Apparently he hasn’t copied that part yet.)

Arthur returned yet again to close the show in one of Craig’s signature musical numbers.  This one memorably spoofed Casablanca.

King of late night?

Oh Craig…you have far surpassed that tiny title.  Your hilarity and humanity have reached international proportions.

Life’s a picnic

When your hometown is called “Fancy Farm,” people tend to remember the name.

Admittedly, it’s unusual….although it does sound a bit like a now defunct amusement park near Middletown, Ohio called “Fantasy Farm.”  (When I attended the University of Kentucky, I got that joke a lot.)

But on the first Saturday in August, there’s no confusing Fancy Farm, Kentucky.   Ask any local, state or national media outlet, and if they aren’t already there, they can certainly direct you.

The annual Fancy Farm Picnic is big news, and has been for 130 years.  Politics, pork barbecue and great people, all gathered at the party of the year.  Heck, it even made the Guinness Book of Records in 1978 as the Largest One-Day Barbecue in the World.

I was there.

Of course, I’ve been to a lot of picnics since I was five years old.   Playing games and eating barbecue when I was little.  Working in the ice cream booth that was my family’s responsibility.  We’ve had class reunions around picnic time, and lots of family from out-of-town — the ‘city folk’ — coming to Fancy Farm in August for this one-of-a-kind experience.

It’s small town America at its best.  Neighbors coming together, all as volunteers, working to raise money for the community church, proud of the tradition that generations of families have built.

And for the barbecue.  And the politics.

That’s the heart of it all.

Who’s the boob here?

It was horrific enough that model Jasmine Fiore was brutally murdered, her teeth pulled, her fingers cut off at the knuckles. But then police identified her body by the serial numbers on her breast implants…and told the press, who told everyone else.


I know Jasmine and her family would prefer her alive today, but I’m personally glad she isn’t around to experience this further degradation. While I’m happy the police were able to identify her body, this unnecessary public humiliation is a gross violation of her person, living or dead.

She’s not some micro-chipped dog. Revealing these details of the investigation to the media treated Jasmine like less than one.