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Good night, and good luck

My Memorial Day was wide open — no plans, no obligations, just a blank slate for me to fill.


I had a mental list of things I wanted to do. I’ll admit there was some work on there (we freelancers have no respect for the calendar) and some chores around the house. Then I was going to do some shopping and take in a a movie or two.

But after finishing my work, I made the mistake of flipping through the cable channels.

the good wifeThe rest of my day was undone by The Good Wife marathon on Hallmark Channel.

Turns out there are twenty different Memorial Day marathons going on around the dial today.



Shady business

Have you tried to get any work done today?

The Friday before Memorial Day can be a bit of a challenge, as a lot of people start the holiday weekend early.

Makes me think today should have its own holiday…and turns out — it does!

sun“Don’t Fry Day”

This year the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention designated today as “Don’t Fry Day” to encourage everyone to protect their skin while outdoors this summer.

As a founding member of the PPA (Pasty People of America), I support their efforts — both to keep people from burning and tanning, and to make today a holiday.

‘Cause people are gone baby gone.

An extra day

I was excited this morning to have an extra day.

To go to the movies. To do a little shopping. To relax in Central Park with my dog.  To just ‘be’ before the demands of the work week begin yet again.

Then I remembered why I have this day. Why I am free to spend it as I choose. And who defends my right to make that choice today…and every day.

On Memorial Day, I am remembering those who have served — and who still serve — to keep us free.

Thank you.

Happy day

One of my happiest memories is the day my brother Kent returned from the first Persian Gulf War.

They bussed the friends and family members to the airstrip.  My godfather Joe, who owns a printing business outside Chicago, had created four beautiful red, white and blue placards that spelled out Kent’s name, and my sister, brother and I were holding them en route.

All I could think during that short ride was “this long nightmare is almost over.”

We gathered on the tarmac, the placards in hand.  After interminable minutes, the Pan Am jet appeared on the horizon, and the crowd started cheering.  Once it landed, two doorways opened and the soldiers started to deplane.  I remember being surprised that they still had on their helmets, rifles in hand.

But I still recognized my brother in an instant.

On this Memorial Day, I wish every service man and woman and their families a similar happy day.


There’s a rumor going around that it’s a holiday weekend…?

If you work freelance like me and don’t have the structure of an office — or co-workers to remind you — things like three-day weekends can slip up on you.

A friend asked me yesterday what “big plans” I had for the holiday.  After I wracked my brain to remember which one it was, I felt compelled to justify why I had nothing special on my calendar.

  • The dog had been sick.
  • I travel for business, so I tend to stay close to home for the holidays.
  • Most of my friends were out-of-town visiting their families.
  • I’m going to see Conan O’Brien on Tuesday at Radio City Music Hall…does that count?!

I realize being freelance isn’t the only reason my holidays are often atypical.  I’m not married, I don’t have kids, and I live far away from most of my siblings…so even when they do have big family gatherings, I’m usually too far away to participate except for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

So, Memorial Day.  Sorry I didn’t see you coming.  I’ll probably still work a bit on Monday…and will be sad there’s no mail delivery.

But luckily for me, the movie theaters never close.