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Dinner and a show

There are some news stories that just warm the cockles of your heart.

And no, I’m not talking about anything that involves puppies or free movie passes or Cheetos, (although these things are very heartwarming to me in their own ways).

No…my favorite story o’ the day comes straight from Memphis, Tennessee where police arrested four people at a kid’s birthday party at none other than Chuck E. Cheese.

That’s a kid’s birthday party.  At Chuck E. Cheese.  You know, the place you take your kids so they can have good, clean fun in a safe environment where nothing bad will happen?

Well, at this party, a kid’s dad punched another kid’s mom in the face because they were taking too long in the photo booth.


After the initial punch was thrown, other people jumped into the fight, sparking a “melee.”  The police ended up leading four people out in handcuffs and cited one parent with possession of marijuana.

Suddenly the motivation behind the punch is clearer and clearer (or maybe foggier and foggier).  Dad’s got the munchies, so hurry it up, woman!

Next in the news:  Chuck E. Cheese makes parents pee in a cup before they can be seated.