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I worked for Hallmark for over seven years and didn’t know that Sweetest Day — that’s today — was all about candy.

I’m not sure how I missed that.

But now that I do, my Saturday — and this holiday — has a whole new sense of purpose.  And my menu for the day is all planned.

Care to join me?

Off the menu

People are always asking, “Where should I eat when I visit New York City?”

How about a suggestion of where you definitely should not?

Park Avenue Autumn, located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, is famous for changing their menu and decor each season.  (It was called Park Avenue Summer until a couple of weeks ago; I think you catch my drift.)

Chef Kevin Lasko has included venison and date syrup, a noted Iraqi delicacy, on this season’s menu.  What’s wrong with that, you ask?  Nothing…except he and artist Michael Rakowitz are serving the dish on plates once owned by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

The restaurant attempted to explain their decision to use the china in a press release, saying the plates “represent the rich and complicated history of a place long misunderstood by its invaders.

I’m sure they do.  Doesn’t mean I want to eat off of them.

You’d think a restaurant would have a bit more taste.

Cold comfort

Cheezeburger cheezeburger cheezeburger.

No thank you — I’m a grilled cheese kinda gal.

Always have been; just ask my family.  When we went to a diner and everyone else ordered burgers, I had the grilled cheese.  When we splurged at a really nice restaurant, I ordered — to my mother’s consternation — the grilled cheese.

Even now, when I check out a new restaurant and they have an interesting take on my cheesy favorite on the menu…it’s really hard for me to order anything else.

It is, quite simply, the perfect sandwich…a taste of home between two slices of bread.

And now a bartender in Victoria, British Columbia has attempted to capture the essence of the grilled cheese sandwich in a signature cocktail.

This could finally turn me on to liquor.

Shawn Soole hails from Brisbane, Australia, and his Cold Night In martini was inspired by a ‘toastie’ – the Australian term for a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

He combines “grilled cheese rum” — Mt. Gay’ washed’ overnight with a real-live grilled cheese sandwich — fresh-muddled tomato and basil, salt, Lillet Blanc and Glenfiddich Scotch whiskey.

I can’t tell a thing from the recipe…although the fact that he actually marinades his rum in a grilled cheese sandwich seems promising.  Plus, the martini is only served at Clive’s in Victoria, B.C.

Haven’t had a grilled cheese sandwich there yet…