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Yo quiero Taco Bell

I don’t eat much fast food, and it’s not because I’m a health nut.

Far from it.

It’s just my favorite fast food restaurant, Taco Bell, isn’t in my neighborhood…thank goodness.

Why is the Bell my fav?

Well, I’ve never liked hamburgers, so that eliminates most other chains. Mexican food I love.


And after seeing this sign, I appreciate the Bell even more. Chalupas and a sense of humor?

Where do I sign up?


I haven’t lived in Kansas City since 2000, but have family and many friends there, so I visit frequently. That’s why I can say, with much confidence, that Daniel Mueller, Digital Editor at Sun Times Network, is…


He recently posted a list of the Top Ten Mexican Restaurants in Kansas City and did not include my personal favorite:

margaritas kansas city

When I return to Kansas City, a trip to Margarita’s is always at the top of my list. I love their chips and salsa, their nachos, their daily specials, and signature margaritas, too. Plus, the general vibe of the place is just casual and comfortable and feels like home.

Don’t get me wrong — there are some great Mexican restaurants on Daniel’s list. But if a friend or visitor to Kansas City asked me where to go, I’d still point them to the place on Southwest Boulevard…

…with the flood line on the wall.


No borders

Hey Mexico — where’s the love?

You sure haven’t shown Taco Bell any — dissing it not once, but twice, when they tried to open restaurants south of the border.

In 1992, when they conducted their big launch in Mexico City, all locations were closed after only two years. Could it be because Taco Bell’s idea of Mexican food isn’t very authentic?

Sure, that’s valid.

But when they relaunched in Monterrey in 2007 as “authentic American food,” the restaurants still couldn’t get customers.

Is Taco Bell’s ‘American-Mex’ really that offensive?  That’s like saying we should close White Castle because their sliders don’t meet the standards of a Ruth Chris filet.


It’s fast food. Fast food is supposed to be a knock-off of the real thing. Compromises are made. At Taco Bell, that means more cheese is added. Crunchy shells are added. Meats are added that you don’t find in ‘real’ Mexican food.

I’m sorry, but I’m having a hard time taking offense here.  And I’m getting hungry.



We’re celebrating a good friend’s birthday tonight.  At an Italian restaurant.  In Boston’s North End.


I don’t want to say that this particular friend is in a rut, but…

Lei è in una carreggiata!

This would probably bother me a lot less if I enjoyed Italian food a little more.  I’m one of those rare individuals who’s just not into pasta.

It’s just so filling to me; I can only handle a couple of fork fulls, and I’m done.  That’s why I only eat it a few times a year…and I can always count on her birthday being one of ’em.

Don’t get me wrong — I think it’s great that she knows what she likes.  But can’t she shake it up a little — just once — on her big day?  Celebrate the passing years by trying something new…or just something different?

Luckily tonight, there is a unique distraction.  As I eat Italian food yet again, I will be able to turn my attention away from the dread pasta and toward dessert, ’cause it just so happens to be… National Spumoni Day!!

I can easily get behind ice cream….especially spumoni, with its multiple colors, fruit and candy.  Nary a noodle in sight!  (We should always get together for her birthday a few days early.)

But my friend doesn’t need to know.

It is her big day, after all.