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No borders

Hey Mexico — where’s the love?

You sure haven’t shown Taco Bell any — dissing it not once, but twice, when they tried to open restaurants south of the border.

In 1992, when they conducted their big launch in Mexico City, all locations were closed after only two years. Could it be because Taco Bell’s idea of Mexican food isn’t very authentic?

Sure, that’s valid.

But when they relaunched in Monterrey in 2007 as “authentic American food,” the restaurants still couldn’t get customers.

Is Taco Bell’s ‘American-Mex’ really that offensive?  That’s like saying we should close White Castle because their sliders don’t meet the standards of a Ruth Chris filet.


It’s fast food. Fast food is supposed to be a knock-off of the real thing. Compromises are made. At Taco Bell, that means more cheese is added. Crunchy shells are added. Meats are added that you don’t find in ‘real’ Mexican food.

I’m sorry, but I’m having a hard time taking offense here.  And I’m getting hungry.