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Even better

Way back in December I was celebrating the return to television of the dramady Ed.


I had fond memories of the Gilmore Girls-esque show,  but the real thing is so much better than I remembered.

I smile the entire time I watch it, which I really appreciate right now.

Thanks Tom Cavanagh and Julie Bowen. And Michael Ian Black. And Justin Long.

Ed is back!

Do you remember the television series Ed?


It was on NBC 2000-2004.

Tom Cavanagh played Ed,  a lawyer that returns to his hometown after a bad divorce to run a bowling alley.  Julie Bowen (Modern Family) was his new love interest,  comedian Michael Ian Black played a coworker and Justin Long a local high school kid.

It had the charm and quirkiness of Gilmore Girls, and I loved it. I’ve wondered through the years why it wasn’t syndicated on some cable channel.

Wait’s over.

Ed is coming to the UP network weekdays on January 10th!

I am pumped.

Costume comedy

Love Downton Abbey?  The ol’ upstairs/downstairs drama?

How bout with some out-and-out silliness?


Add Another Period (Tuesdays, Comedy Central) to your viewing /DVR schedule.

The name alone makes me happy. But the cast — including Michael Ian Black, Thomas Lennon, Jason Ritter,  Christina Hendricks and a host of others I can’t name — is game for anything, which makes the show crazy funny.

From what I can tell on Imdb.com, there are lots of great cameos planned, too, so you look forward to that.

Or, you can if you watch.

Vote with your stomach

Foodies have the James Beard Awards.  But what’s out there for Cheetos lovers like me?

The Munchies

The self-proclaimed ‘People’s Choice Food Awards,’ The Munchies recognize the “most amazing tastes, faces and places in the food world.”

Thirteen culinary experts have selected 100 nominees in 20 categories.  I mean, when comedian Michael Ian Black , co-host of the “Mike & Tom Eat Snacks” podcast, is on the selection committee —

You know it’s legit.  And fun.

Of course, you would expect New York City to be well-represented in any food competition.  But I was excited to see some local spots in the running, including our neighborhood coffee shop Joe in the “Coolest Coffee Shop” category.

So, cast your vote today!  The contest closes April 30th.  Remember, this one matters most because…

It’s the people’s choice.

The new get

I was never much of an autograph hound.  But now?

I collect direct tweets from celebrities.

I follow quite a few on Twitter.  Most of them are actors or comedians who tweet funny or bizarre things about their lives. Sometimes I comment on what they say…and they actually reply to me.

It’s so cool.

I’ve also added directors of favorite movies and TV shows to my Twitter feed.  They’re fun to follow because they sometimes answer questions via Twitter about their current projects.

I’ve gotten personal responses from them as well.

I’m amassing quite a collection of celeb direct tweets.  From folks like comedian Michael Ian Black (Ed); actor Josh Malina (The West Wing, Sports Night); director Chris Weitz (About a Boy, New Moon); series creator Mike Royce (Everybody Loves Raymond, Men of a Certain Age); and legendary actress Lee Meriwether (Batman, Barnaby Jones).

Lee Meriwether even started following me on Twitter.

(Bet she’s blogging about that right now…)

Sad, sad conversation

You’ve probably watched Inside the Actors Studio with host James Lipton.

He interviews your favorite actors who talk about their past, their craft, and all their successes.  They’re polished up all bright and shiny under the lights at Pace University in New York.

But how about actors via webcam looking scruffy and unkempt, talking about how hard the acting biz really is…and how they fear their careers are in the toilet?

Now, that’s a show.

It’s called sadsadconversation, and it’s played out on Youtube by actor Josh Malina (Sports Night, The West Wing), Michael Ian Black (Ed, Michael & Michael), Steven Weber (Wings, Studio 60), Martha Plimpton (Raising Hope) and most recently, a Go-Go or two.

They wear their sweats and pj’s, little or no makeup — Steven had on a Breathe-Right strip in one notable entry — and share their appropriately named ‘sad sad’ thoughts on the entertainment industry.

Now, I’ve heard wanna-be actors complain about the injustice of show biz on TV and movie sets before, but it’s a whole new level of sad to listen to actors have seemingly “made it” share those same insecurities.

‘Cause some of that sad…is actually pretty hilarious.


You know how you meet someone and it feels like you’ve known them forever and everything they say makes you laugh and you can’t explain why but you laugh anyway?

That’s how I feel about Michael Ian Black.  And today, I figured out why.

I first saw Michael on the comedy series “Ed” years ago.  I thought he was quirky and funny back then, but I didn’t know how much of that was Michael and how much was the invention of the writers.

Now Michael is on Twitter, and of all the people I follow, he is the one who is most apt to make me laugh aloud.

Here are a few choice examples:

Devastated by Ryan and Scarlett news. Haven’t been this upset about a celebrity break-up since the Dexter guy yesterday.

If I could dunk a basketball that would be the only thing I would ever do.

Christmas needs to calm the fuck down.

The five most unappealing words in the English language: ˝Used hot tub for sale.˝

I need to get better at doing things that people want to pay money for.

Funny stuff….at least, to me.  So why is Michael Ian Black’s sense of humor particularly funny to me?


Yep.  We both are fans of the cheesy snacks.  In fact, Michael and his friends formed an after-school club devoted to Cheez-Its back in his high school days.  They put up signs around campus…even got some folks to attend.

It was all a joke on their part.  But a guy who jokes about Cheez-Its?

He’d be a friend of mine.