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History repeats itself

vandy northwesternVandy, take heart —

You’re not the first team to lose a NCAA tournament game in the final seconds because of a brain fart.

Ignore the histrionics of the play-by-play announcers. Turn off the post-game shows. Consider hypnosis?

I’m old enough to remember a really big blunder that kept the storied Michigan Fab Five out of the Final Four. It was way back in 1993 before the Interwebs.

webberMichigan vs. North Carolina in the Elite Eight. North Carolina up by 2 with 11 seconds to go. Trapped on the sidelines, Michigan star Chris Webber called a time out that they simply didn’t have, and got dinged with a technical foul. North Carolina went on to win the game and ultimately the national title.

Sure, I remember that brain fart to this day, but Vandy — your game was just a first-rounder.   There are plenty of bracket busters ahead that will inspire much more ire.

Take heart.

Take the heat

Sometimes, you just need someone to blame.

And this week…that someone is LeBron James.

A guy in Michigan told the policeman who pulled him over for DUI that LeBron’s decision to go to the Miami Heat was the reason he was drunk.  No lie.

Of course, since he was drunk, he kinda got the facts wrong.  He thought LeBron was with the Boston Celtics — instead of the Cleveland Cavaliers — but it was still upsetting, so that was why he drank too much.

It was clearly LeBron’s fault.

Which got me to thinking — we can all milk this situation for a couple of more weeks.

I mean, LeBron milked his announcement — which should have taken all of 30 seconds — into an hour television special.  And the ESPY Awards were able to milk it yet again into a hilarious sketch on Wednesday night’s show.

Why shouldn’t we all blame LeBron for something this week?

Can’t pay your rent?  It’s LeBron’s fault.  Miss a work deadline?  LeBron made me do it.  Cheat on your wife?  Did you see what LeBron did?  I had to, man.

Use your brain.  Throw the blame.

It’s LeBron’s fault.