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Good TV…good boy

I was IMing with a friend yesterday who said his co-workers were walking around the office like zombies.

Mondays can do that to you.

But thanks to the joint programming efforts of ABC and CBS, I look forward to Mondays — and more specifically, Monday nights.

Call me crazy. (Crazy.)

On Monday night, ABC has the high-rated show of the season:  “Dancing with the Stars.”  (You heard me right.)  This year’s group of celebrities was the riskiest casting to date, and they have certainly produced.  Plus, the judges are being super harsh…which is way fun to watch.  (AI, take a note.)

There’s no need to turn the channel when the music fades, either.  The stars of ABC’s “Castle” have made this writer-meets-detective drama a best seller.  Love that Nathan Fillion.  (And if you happened to watch Jimmy Kimmel last night, you saw that Fillion is really, really funny. Get that man a new movie!)

Of course, CBS is no slouch on Monday nights, either, and thanks to the great god that is the DVR, I always spend my early Tuesday mornings catching up on “The Big Bang Theory” and “How I Met Your Mother.”  These two comedies couldn’t be more different, and funny?

OMG — last night episodes were classic.  I could tell you what they were about, but it would only ruin it for you.  Look them up online.

And then get ready for the return of “GLEE!” tonight.

I love good television.

Monday, Monday

Two of my favorite TV shows air on Monday night.

So why chose Wednesday to talk about ’em?

Because they air head-to-head at 10pm — and no, one of them isn’t Leno — which means I normally end up watching one or both of them on Tuesday, so they are very much top of mind today.

(Plus, I want to give them both a shout-out in hopes they get enough viewers to get renewed next season.  If only The Sticky Egg had such power…)

The two shows in question?  “Castle” on ABC — now in its second season — and “Men of a Certain Age” on TNT.  They couldn’t be more different, and yet, are both so worthy of your DVR programming allotment.

Both shows revolve around appealingly flawed characters portrayed by amazing actors.  Both are well-written and directed with pitch perfect timing.  And both know exactly what they are and who’s watching.  Obviously “Castle” has had more time to find its way, but in its first season, “Men” feels like a series that has been around for years…and that is the highest form of praise.

For the uninitiated, “Castle” is a mystery writer paired with a police detective who together solve crime as inspiration for his novels — pure fiction, pure fun.  “Men” is grounded in the day-to-day reality of middle age.  You feel you know these men, and you probably have (or are) experiencing some aspects of their lives.

If you enjoy great acting, superb writing,  stories told with a sense of humor, and good looking men in all shapes and sizes — and I’m including Ray Romano who I love (but in a very different way than I love Nathan Fillion) — give both shows a watch.

We don’t want to give their networks any ideas.