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Clover and over

Are you feeling the luck o’ the Irish today?

Honestly, my day didn’t start that way. So I went in search of it on the great Google machine!

Here are my Five Favorite Shamrock-Inspired Creations, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

shamrock buddy

A Shamrock Buddy — for luck and friendship

shamrock mustache

Shamrock ‘Stache — for avoiding the folks whose friendship you do not seek

shamrock pretzel bites

Shamrock Pretzel Bites — Irish food kinda blows, so try this American delicacy

shamrock beads

Shamrock Beads — ’cause sometimes ya gotta make your own luck from odds ‘n’ ends around the house

shamrock ring

Shamrock Ring — when friendship takes an unexpected turn (and pipe cleaners say it best)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Flower child

I love this photo.

salvador dali

Salvador Dali just rocked those ‘stache florets, ya know?

Very few men — and no women, I’d wager — could pull that off.

And look you straight in the eye.

Geez, he’s still looking?

Enough already, Dali.

Splitting hairs

Bearding is a competitive sport.

I did not know this.

I didn’t even know bearding was a word, let alone a concept — the growing of facial hair by, um, athletes.

You see, I watched a movie on IFC yesterday, and it was inundated with promos for Whisker Wars, a reality show slated for a seven-episode run on IFC in August and September.

Whisker Wars follows Beard Team USA, a ‘devoted group of whisker warriors’ as they compete for top bearding honors at events across the country.  Their journey culminates at the World Championship Competition in Trondhjem, Norway.

Apparently Germany is the longtime favorite in hair growing — I’m so proud of my kin — but this year, Beard Team USA stands a follicle of a chance.

I am obviously entertained by this whole idea.  I mean, there are even beard categories: Moustache, Partial Beard, Full Beard Groomed, Freestyle and what is considered the most prestigious, Full Beard Natural.  Gosh, I’m so excited my hairs are standing on end!

But seriously, guys — I think you have finally come up with the one competition that women will never ask for their own division.

Even the ones who can compete.