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Gone too soon

After The Avengers: Age of Ultron opened — making a bazillion dollars the first weekend — social media exploded with unhappy campers out for director Joss Whedon’s head. He even left Twitter.

I wondered why.

I finally saw the movie today, and I know why I’m annoyed. [SPOILER ALERT]

aaron taylor johnson avengers He killed off Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

I’m not that upset that he killed the Quicksilver character.

I’m not that hardcore.

But once you include Johnson in a movie, and the audience gets used to looking at him and listening to him talk in the beautiful accent he selected for this part, it’s just heartbreaking to have him ripped away so suddenly.

Especially when sequels are pretty much a guarantee in this franchise.

I am not pleased.

Pretty pictures

Tomorrow is the last day of 2013, and the ‘best of’ lists are everywhere. Today’s topic?

Best Movie Posters

Many of these lists number 20 or more; mine only has five.

Nebraska — simple, soulful and a bit sad…like the man it portrays.
nebraska poster














August: Osage County — how to represent an entire family dynamic in one image.
august osage county poster














Man of Steel — any camp that remained in this franchise flew out the window with this image.
man of steel poster


The Grand Budapest Hotel — Wes Anderson’s newest world in a pretty pink box.
grand budapest hotel poster














But sadly, none of these posters — toiled over by studio marketing departments — can beat this bootleg poster that was mistakenly used to promote the Thor sequel in China:
fake thor poster














Parody rocks.

By Grabthar’s hammer

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m a Star Trek fan.  But not so big that I would attend the annual Creation Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas (or even notice an article about it until months later).

But notice it today I did.

Trekkers at the convention attempted to rank all the movies in the franchise from best to worst.  It’s no surprise that Star Trek II Wrath of Khan topped the list, and even less that the most recent Star Trek Into Darkness landed at the bottom.  After all, these are the most rabid fans.

And the movie these Trekkers placed in the #7 slot?

Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest, a hilarious 1999 send-up of the series and its fan base.

During the convention, Quest held the #1 and #2 spots early in the voting before slipping to the halfway mark to split the other 12 Star Trek movies.

Makes me like these geeks even more!

Who is that masked Longbottom?

It has been two years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II was released in theatres, bringing the decade-long movie franchise to its satisfying conclusion.  The ending evoked a lot of emotions from us all, one of the more surprising being —

Neville Longbottom is a hunk!

Neville before and afterAt the time, I celebrated the transformation of actor Matthew Lewis on many levels.

First and foremost, I like pretty things, and Matthew had become one.  But as a geek whose own awkward period extends even into today, I was gratified to see how far he had come during the 10-year span…and gave his movie connections no small amount of the credit.

But it turns out the studio’s efforts were actually in the opposite direction.

Matthew Lewis was never the chubby, ear-sticking-out, buck-toothed character that we saw on screen.  The wardrobe and makeup departments created Neville’s persona and ‘plopped it down’ — fat suit and all — upon Matthew’s more leading man frame.  They even used extra-large shoes because that’s how JK Rowling described him in the her novels.

That’s why Neville was such a ‘boy toy’ surprise in the final film!


I like scary things.

I like scary movies — not gory, mind you, but scary.  I saw all three Paranormal Activity films (even the last one which spit all over the franchise) and can’t wait for Daniel Radcliffe’s new venture The Woman in Black.

The trailer totally creeps me out.

I like scary TV shows, too.  American Horror Story is easily the spookiest thing I have ever seen on television (next to Dark Shadows from my childhood days).

Being scared — if only for an instant — is big fun.

But getting a friend request from your unborn child on Facebook? That’s sick scary….as in just a little too real to laugh about later.

But that’s how Olla Condoms, a Brazilian company, has chosen to market their products.  They randomly select men on Facebook, create a fake profile for their unborn sons and then send friend requests with the message “Avoid surprises like this. Use Olla Condoms.”

Jeepers creepers.

It reminds me of a Halloween card that Shoebox had in their line years ago — they may still.  It featured a women on the cover saying, “For Halloween, I wanted to send you the scariest card I could find.”

Inside it said, “I’m pregnant.”

Talk about scary — I couldn’t even hold the card in my hand.

Bloody smart

Hating Twilight?  It’s practically a national pastime.

So you might expect movies that release this time of year — the same time as Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 1, which opens this Friday — to hate the franchise as well.  Heck, some of them probably do.

But not The Muppet Movie.

Proving that puppets are smart and pretty, too, The Muppet Movie has chosen to use the frenzy that inevitably surrounds each Twilight installment to their advantage…by creating character posters that parody the sparkly franchise.



























I vant to shake their marketing director’s little puppet hand.

Way to work it!

After midnight

12:01am — The premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

I was there.

Yes, I could have waited until the crowds thinned…until the feverish mania around the conclusion of this epic movie franchise had died down a bit.

But what’s the fun in that?

Seeing the final film in an atmosphere of unbridled excitement and enthusiasm?  That’s how I want to remember Harry Potter.

People dressed in inspired costumes.  Spontaneous trivia contests breaking out in the aisles.  Chants of “Snape, Snape, Severus Snape” attempting to overpower a fervent rendition of “Neville Longbottom.”  And the particularly hilarious cries of hatred hurled at the trailers proceeding the movie.

But the film was so worth the wait.  Director David Yates’ vision is true to the book and yet so much more.

I’ll see it again, of course, at some deserted weekday matinee.  It will still be an incredible movie, but…

Nothing can touch midnight.