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The name’s the thing

I haven’t seen “Hot Tub Time Machine” yet.

But it’s on my short list.

I don’t need to know the plot.  I don’t need to know who’s in it (although, I’ll admit, I did accidentally see John Cusack in a poster).  I don’t even care what critics are saying.

“Hot Tub Time Machine” is one of the greatest movie titles of all time.  Based on that alone, I will take my chances at the theatre.  It deserves to be seen.

And whether “Hot Tub Time Machine” is a good movie or not, let it be a lesson to movie makers everywhere:

The title matters.

The name of the movie alone can put butts in the seat.

“Hot Tub Time Machine” has inspired me to write — not a great movie — but a great movie title.

(I’ll worry about the rest later.)