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The perfect thriller

Like a lot of people, I re-joined Netflix to get access to the new season of Arrested Development.  Unlike a lot of people, I didn’t watch it yesterday.

So no spoilers.

I have been watching a lot of other things on the streaming service. Movies that sunk by me at the theatre…or that didn’t reappear as I had expected on HBO.

One of my fav’s?

perfect host posterThe Perfect Host, starring David Hyde Pierce. He is always incredible, so I blame the marketing campaign for not inciting me to see this gem at the movie theatre.

Pierce plays Warwick Wilson, who is home prepping for a dinner party when John Taylor, an injured bank robber, comes to his door desperate to find a place to hide out.   John poses as a ‘friend of a friend’ and convinces Warwick to not only let him in, but also invite him to stay for the party. But as the guests arrive, John realizes Warwick is much more than he first appeared.

It’s creepy and kooky and has so many twists and turns, you won’t be able to keep up.  I loved it.  I recommend it.

Heck, it’s even worth joining Netflix to see.

Times two

What is it about twins that spooks people?

I’m sure you remember the two little girls who haunted the hallways of Stephen King’s classic movie thriller, The Shining.  Whenever they appeared, the music changed and bloodshed was sure to follow.

Or I think it did.  I always watched that part between my fingers.

Not to be outdone, the new FX series American Horror Story introduces its ‘twins of terror’ in the very first show’s very first scene.

Ginger-headed, the two boys insult a young girl with Down’s Syndrome and then immediately destroy an old, decaying mansion, baseball bats swinging!  Clearly they’re not nice people, and are most likely headed for a life of crime…if they live that long, that is.

But hey – it’s a horror series.  Even if the terror twins die, we probably haven’t seen the last of ’em.

Jesus, woman — turn around!

They’re right behind you.

Audience reaction

“Starring George Clooney…”

That’s pretty much all a movie trailer has to say to get my butt in the theater.  (I know what I like.)

And while this promo for “The American,” George Clooney’s latest film, definitely trumpets his starring role, it manages to make this thriller seem…well…boring.

Wow.  George drives a car…and works out.  He also cleans and assembles his gun.  That’s really intense stuff.  Of course, the priest has a foreign accent, which should add some intrigue…but based on the voiceover, he is one boring old dude.  Thank goodness George chases someone with a gun at the end, or I’d think this was a talkie.

Look, there are probably a lot of people like me who will give George the benefit of the doubt here and see it anyway.  He has set a high standard with his work.  But I think the editors of the trailer should take note — George Clooney’s personality sells, and you didn’t use it here.

“I don’t think God’s very interested in me, Father,” George says at the end of the clip.

If that’s true, George, it’s the trailer’s fault.