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The one that got away

Moviefone.com has re-imagined some classic Hollywood movies with the stars who were originally tapped to play the lead roles pictured on the movie posters.  As they point out, most films don’t start and end with the same actors attached.

It’s funny how jarring it looks to see Will Smith as Neo in “The Matrix.”  Or Johnny Depp skipping school in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”  And can you get your head around Meg Ryan and Al Pacino in “Pretty Woman?”

Not even.

I posed a similar question to Steve Martin when I attended the 2nd Annual US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen many moons ago.   He was in town to accept a Star Award from the American Film Institute and took questions after the ceremony.

My hand was the first one raised.

I asked Steve, “Were you ever asked to do a film that you passed on, and then later — after the movie was produced — had regrets?”

His response?  “I’m never offered good film roles.”  (That got a laugh.)  Then he got serious and said that he was more likely to develop his own projects.

If that is true, I guess there are no “might have been” movie posters for Steve Martin.

Except for maybe “Striptease.”

Living dead – part deaux

In honor of Halloween, Moviefone.com conducted a poll, asking:

“Who is the sexiest movie vampire of all time?”

Website polls are great, aren’t there?  As a former managing producer, I can tell you, it is a brilliant way to have site visitors do all the work for you.  They not only get to vote — which they love doing — but you can also let them comment — which they also love doing — that you can then use to build your feature.  Add some stock photos, and zip bing bang — Halloween feature approved and posted.

Cynical, but true.

And honestly — could Moviefone.com have asked a more obvious question this year?  The site producers probably had the top five vampire pages built before they started.  This is an example of a website asking a question that they already knew the answer to.  (In case you have been living under a rock the past year, here are the poll results.)

I guess People magazine will be going through the same trauma when they select the “Sexiest Man Alive.”  Can this year’s campaign maintain its usual hype?  Is there any real suspense at all?  If the editors pick anyone other than Robert Pattinson of “Twilight,” do they risk having their headquarters burned to the ground by an angry mob of Twi-hards?

Might be a good poll question…