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Royalty in residence

When I shared yesterday’s post on Chateauform Schloss Löwenstein — my castle-hotel near Frankfurt that evokes Downton Abbey — my sister asked,  “Have you seen a Matthew look-a-like?”

Sadly, no.

But there is a prince living here.

prince germanyAlois Konstantin is the ninth Prince of Löwenstein. He and his wife Anastasia, Princess of Prussia, occupy one wing of the castle.

The Prince works in the financial services industry in Frankfurt and manages the family’s assets.

And while I have not seen him during my stay, I must say —

Doesn’t he look a bit like Mr. Carson?

A masterpiece

Last night was a very special occasion at my house.

I wore the burgundy silk for dinner.  Anna did my hair.  And Mrs. Patmore made a sinful raspberry meringue.







It was the long-awaited season premiere of Downton Abbey.

Over the holidays, I had taken the quiz “Which Downtown Abbey Character Are You?” and was shocked (not really) to discover I was like Lady Mary. The near-miss heiress of Downtown Abbey?

I so get that.

But last night, seeing all the changes that have taken place at the big house since the first season, I felt a bit more like Mr. Carson.

Why can’t things go back to the way they were?

I don’t like Matthew’s new fiancee, and I especially don’t like Mr. Bates exit at the top of this episode. And poor Lord Grantham is so unhappy. His gentle humor and good spirits were the foundation of season one.

I want him happy. I want Matthew and Mary and Bates and Anna together. I want everyone home and safe, sipping tea and making dinner.

Good thing I’m not writing the show. It would never have lasted.