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Southern comfort

You don’t know or appreciate the mother’s milk that is iced or hot tea…

kermit tea
…but that ain’t none of my business.

I know I am a little late to this meme, but I had to take a shot.

Most wanted

If you too are eagerly awaiting the Muppets Most Wanted sequel (coming March 21), perhaps this will complete your ensemble for the premiere!


Full disclosure — I saw it online at Toys R Us…so you may have to lend it to your kid (or pet).

Oh Kermie…

Join the countdown

This is blatantly commercial, but it’s the Muppets and Ty Burrell and Tina Fey —

So I’m betting you’ll give me a pass.

See you in the New Year!

Who, moi?

Finally — a reason to watch an awards show red carpet!

The BAFTA Awards — the Brits’ Oscars, if you will — announced that Miss Piggy will be their official red carpet host for this Sunday’s awards ceremony.


Now there’s a red carpet interviewer who’s bound to ask something more interesting than ‘Who are you wearing?’  Heck, I bet Miss Piggy will proposition a celebrity or two (George Clooney) and throw a punch if said celebrity’s leggy girlfriend (Stacey Keibler) gets in the way.

Plus, it’s nice to see a television host who hasn’t starved herself to death to get the job…or filled her face with Botox or other fillers to maintain a youthful appearance.

(I’m pretty sure she’ll just put on a new head for the broadcast.)

Muppets rule.  Congrats, Piggy!

It feels like Christmas

It’s in the singing of a street corner choir
It’s going home and getting warm by the fire
It’s true
Wherever you find love
It feels like Christmas

A cup of kindness that we share with another
A sweet reunion with a friend or a brother
In all the places you find love
It feels like Christmas



It is…the season of the heart
A special time of caring
The ways of love made clear
It is…the season of the spirit
The message if we hear it
Is make it last all year

It’s in the giving of a gift to another
A pair of mittens that were made by your mother
It’s all the ways that we show love
That feel like Christmas

A part of childhood we’ll always remember
It is the summer of the soul in December
Yes, when you do your best for love
It feels like Christmas

It’s true, wherever you find love
It feels like Christmas.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

–“It Feels Like Christmas” from The Muppet Christmas Carol
by Paul Williams

Frog in my throat

I woke up this morning croaking like a frog.  The dog owners who spoke to me in Central Park will attest that this is not an overstatement.

My voice is wrecked.

After escaping for ever so long, I now appear to have succumbed to my second cold in less than a month…or maybe the first one never really left.  I’m curious enough — and congested enough — to head to the doctor this time to find out more.

My croaking voice and lightheadedness made me think of Kermit the Frog of Muppets fame…which then made me think of Jason Siegel, of “How I Met Your Mother” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” who is appearing in the next Muppet Movie.

I read online that Jason cried when he met Kermit the Frog in person for the first time, which I found very touching.

If Jason met me today, I think my voice would make him cry, too.

Or if he read this blog entry, he might cry.  Or laugh.  Or perhaps be confused?

I need medication.

Have a nice day everyone.