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I haven’t lived in Kansas City since 2000, but have family and many friends there, so I visit frequently. That’s why I can say, with much confidence, that Daniel Mueller, Digital Editor at Sun Times Network, is…


He recently posted a list of the Top Ten Mexican Restaurants in Kansas City and did not include my personal favorite:

margaritas kansas city

When I return to Kansas City, a trip to Margarita’s is always at the top of my list. I love their chips and salsa, their nachos, their daily specials, and signature margaritas, too. Plus, the general vibe of the place is just casual and comfortable and feels like home.

Don’t get me wrong — there are some great Mexican restaurants on Daniel’s list. But if a friend or visitor to Kansas City asked me where to go, I’d still point them to the place on Southwest Boulevard…

…with the flood line on the wall.


Cheesy goodness

I’m not a big one for tradition.  I’m not sentimental or conventional.  I actually enjoy being a bit of an outlier.

Call me, Malcolm.

But when I come back to Kansas City, there is a ritual that I simply have to complete before the first 24 hours are through.

I gotta go to Margarita’s.

I love everything about this local Mexican restaurant.  I love driving up and seeing its homely exterior.  I love the crowded parking lot that challenges every visitor.  I love the swoosh of heat and cheese that greets you when you open the door.

I love the expected wait (but I love last night’s unexpected quick seating even better).  I love the utilitarian tables, menus and rolled silverware.  I love the freaky, modernistic artwork that hasn’t changed in a decade.

Most of all, I love the food.  The chips and salsa.  The queso dip.  The nachos.  The quesadillas and burritos.  The fried ice cream like no other.  The simple yummy goodness, the sameness of my Mexican food home away from home.

Well, what do you know?

I am sentimental after all.