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Awesome alliteration


Congrats Papa Cumberbatch!

I applaud your progeny,  especially his carefully crafted Christian name:

Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch

As a CC myself, I recommend it. It’s memorable.  It has a nice ring to it. But he may be spelling it the rest of his life.

Of course, with a name like Cumberbatch,  that was already in the cards.

A rose

I am at a training program in Dallas, and all the materials include my middle name.


Oh, the humanity.

What they want

While I worked at Hallmark, we designed a line of greeting cards targeted specifically at the male consumer.

When it came time to name the card line, we brandied about many monikers. At one point, I suggested headlining the display “FREE BEER.”

Give them what they want, right?

I just passed this signboard at a new restaurant in my neighborhood:


Great minds…

What’s in a name? Shiny stuff

I have always liked my oldest brother’s name —


It’s strong.  One syllable.  And you don’t hear it coming and going.

But when I think about my brother and imagine him personified as an inanimate object, I have to admit this never even cracked the Top 50.


Kent Vase, CB2












You’re way burlier than this, big bro.