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One man’s nap ..

The New York City Marathon is being run today…


…and broadcast for five hours on ABC7.

And people make fun of me for watching golf on television.


Southern comfort

Did you know Cracker Barrel has an online store?


I was dozing on the couch and a commercial woke me up with the news.

For someone like me who doesn’t live near the Barrel, this is good news. Unfortunately you can’t order those nasty good Southern veggies online…or have Uncle Herschel’s breakfast delivered hot to your door.

But a ceramic owl spoon rest is nice, too.



I have never been good at napping.

Today I learned how.

Barely woke up in time to write this…and am wondering how long I have to stay awake for it to count.

Rory Dog and I are in total agreement on this, which is awesome.

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Bell is ringing

I accidentally took a nap this afternoon and was groggy as all get out when I woke up.

billy elliot movieThe movie Billy Elliot was playing on the Showtime channel I had left on, so I decided to finish it before I attempted to do anything productive.

Jamie Bell, who played the title role, was 14 when the movie was released in 2000.  And as I sat there watching, I tried to figure out what movies I had seen the ‘adult’ Jamie in of late.

Then it hit me —

He was in one of my recent favorite costume dramas Jane Eyre.  He played the minister St John Rivers whose family nursed Jane back to health after she left Mr. Rochester’s house.

MAN ON A LEDGEHe was also in the cast of Man on a Ledge starring Sam Worthington, which as fate would have it…

…was on Showtime right after Billy Elliot.

How quickly a decade can flash before your eyes on premium cable!

The eyes are following me

I shared a bedroom with my sister as child. She slept with her eyes open.

It was creepy.


Now my dog, who is almost 15 years old, has adopted thst same half-open, watchful stare while he snoozes.

Guess it runs in the family. Still freaks me out.

Sleepy time

I have never been good at naps.

I sleep very soundly at night, so I don’t often feel the need for one.  And when I have taken one, I am groggy and dull for the rest of the day.

But today was different.

I returned last night from a quick business trip to Atlanta, and had a tennis lesson this morning.  By 2pm I was struggling to keep my eyes open.  Then I wondered…why fight it?

Three hours later, I awoke feeling great.  And I don’t think I will have any problems sleeping tonight.

Maybe I’m getting the hang of this!