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Kirk, out.

If you’re a frequent reader of the Sticky Egg — and if you are, thanks for that — you know from time to time I celebrate bizarre holidays on the calendar.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. National Cheese Doodle Day. National Iced Tea Day.

I’ve always known I had company in the celebrations — hence the term ‘national’ — but I also have an unlikely partner in their promotion:

william shatnerWilliam Shatner

Yep. Captain James T. Kirk himself has taken to Twitter to give advance notification of these holidays…usually on the day before.

Just yesterday, in fact, he told folks in his Twitter feed —

“Tomorrow’s 2fer may be confusing. Tomorrow is National Fluffernutter Day & National Pierogi Day! If you have questions Google or Bing it!”

No worries, Captain.  Let me break it down for everyone:







Warning: this is very cheesy

Time to use your great big noodle,
And celebrate the famed cheese doodle!

cheese doodles2

Better than cheesecake or strudel,
The dusty, yummy puffed cheese doodle!

Got yourself a cockapoodle?
Those pups love crunching their cheese doodle!

What’s for lunch? Just oodles and oodles
Of that beloved snack — cheese doodles!