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Seeing blue

Pro basketball has never held my interest. The NBA playoffs are in full swing, and my only question is…

“Any former UK players still in the mix?”

When pro ball and UK intersect, I’m in…if only briefly. That’s why I’m stoked about tonight’s NBA draft lottery, which takes place at 8pm right here in New York City.


With seven UK Wildcats in the lottery–and freshman forward Karl-Anthony Towns the projected #1 overall pick–I can’t wait to watch the action on ESPN.

As soon as my Wildcats find a home, I will wish them well, and then probably not think about pro ball again (until they start making headway and headlines for their respective teams).

That shouldn’t take long.

For love of the game

NBA?  We don’t need no stinkin’ NBA.

The UK Wildcats and KU Jayhawks are playing in the Garden!


The Champions Classic tips off at Madison Square Garden tonight, bringing the best of college basketball — the only basketball that counts IMHO — to the Big Apple.

(Don’t ask if I was able to get a ticket. I wasn’t; I’m bitter.)

The tourney begins with Duke (hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhcckk-ptooo) taking on Michigan State.  Who cares?  It’s the opener.  Whatever.  Take your seats, folks; nothing to see here.

The big game is between my alma mater (and pre-season #2-ranked) University of Kentucky Wildcats and #12-ranked KU.

Suffice it to say the two teams have a history.  Both have beat each other soundly on their home courts.  (You don’t forget that kinda thing.)  I lived in Kansas City when UK won NCAA Championships in 1996 and 1998 and was the runner-up in 1997.

I don’t think my friends have forgotten that, either.

In fact, I have a little wager with my friend Dan on tonight’s game.  Not for money, mind you; we don’t bet cash on our teams.  But believe you me — after the game has been decided, you’ll all be able to tell what we did wager.

May the best team win!


I hate this column.

But that no doubt was sportswriter Greg Couch’s intent.

In the maiden days of March Madness, he has the nerve to suggest that NBA basketball is more exciting, its superstars more beloved.

Bite me.

College basketball will always be about more than agent negotiations and the biggest payday.

In the NCAA, bad behavior happens, yes, but it’s not celebrated and encouraged and splashed all over Twitter and Facebook and Entertainment Tonight. Breaking rules equals sanctions and suspensions and no tournament play.

The college players and teams on the floor this weekend and the weekends to come in March have earned their berth.  With talent.  Dedication. Teamwork. And with thousands of students and alumni behind them who won’t change their allegiance due to geography or money or scandal or a losing season or two.

The NBA can never buy that.

So, Greg, feel free to sit back and watch the overpriced players in the NBA run and gun every night of the week.  Just don’t get too comfy.

Your favorite might be playing for the other guys tomorrow.