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Do I look older?

Director Alexander Payne and I have never seen eye to eye.

Since his movie Election (which I did like), the rest of his filmsSideways, Cedar Rapids, The Descendants — just don’t speak to me.

I doubt he’s losing sleep over it.

NEBRASKAThat didn’t stop me from getting excited to see his latest awards magnet Nebraska, starring Bruce Dern and Saturday Night Live alum Will Forte.

It seemed to have it all.

The two leading men, of course.  The black-and-white look, which seemed perfect for this road trip film.  Great trailers, too.

Tragically, Alex has led me astray yet again.

In the film, the car trip takes three or four days.  I would swear the movie — advertised as 1 hour 54 minutes — is actually that long.  It is slow…so very slow.

The driving sequences are slow.  The conversations are slow.  There’s a couple of fights scenes, and their fists look like they are in slow motion even though they’re not.

I really enjoyed three scenes in the movie. And the performances are wonderful — especially June Squibb, who plays Bruce Dern’s kick of a wife.   But there are long stretches of your life…

..that you will never get back.

Pretty pictures

Tomorrow is the last day of 2013, and the ‘best of’ lists are everywhere. Today’s topic?

Best Movie Posters

Many of these lists number 20 or more; mine only has five.

Nebraska — simple, soulful and a bit sad…like the man it portrays.
nebraska poster














August: Osage County — how to represent an entire family dynamic in one image.
august osage county poster














Man of Steel — any camp that remained in this franchise flew out the window with this image.
man of steel poster


The Grand Budapest Hotel — Wes Anderson’s newest world in a pretty pink box.
grand budapest hotel poster














But sadly, none of these posters — toiled over by studio marketing departments — can beat this bootleg poster that was mistakenly used to promote the Thor sequel in China:
fake thor poster














Parody rocks.