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Super Parents

parents of the yearFor your consideration…

May I submit a nomination for the
2015 Parents of the Year?

I know it’s early yet, but I believe this couple from Fayetteville, North Carolina is a serious contender…and I say this without my typical sarcasm or sass.

Why do I hold them in such high esteem?

When grainy, black-and-white video of an electronics store robbery was broadcast on their local TV station on New Year’s Eve, this man and woman recognized two of the burglars as their 14- and 16-year old sons…

And actually turned them in to police!

How many people today can say they would do the same?  Make their kids face up to their crime?  Take responsibility? Not sweep it under the rug and ‘promise to do better next time?’

These parents are nameless in the press — because their children are minors — but they are celebrities to me.

Rockin’ it old school…and one day their kids will appreciate what they did.


Laugh it off

I didn’t watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2015 with Ryan Seacrest, so I missed Idina Menzels’ performance of  the ubiquitous “Let It Go.”

idina-menzel-responds-to-critics-of-let-it-goRumor has it she botched the final high note.

(Haters on Twitter made sure that everyone knew.)

So Idina went on Twitter and defended herself, saying she is ‘more than one note.’

I can understand wanting to stand up to the backlash, but laughing at the sour note might be more effective.  Audiences love when people in the public eye can be self-deprecating.

Plus, why give nameless, faceless trolls the satisfaction of seeing you rattled?

Let it go, Idina.


Men of action

Since I had a late night celebrating New Year’s Eve — thank you, Skype — I decided to ease into 2015 reading on the couch.

Today’s tome?

Cary Elwes Photo and Book 09262014








No, Cary Elwes wasn’t here with me, darn the luck — but his memoir of the casting, preparation and filming of The Princess Bride reads like a candid conversation.

Elwes reminisces about every step and misstep (literally) in his journey as the sword-wielding Westley, true love of Buttercup and (SPOILER ALERT) secret identity of the Dread Pirate Roberts.  Every word telegraphs his enduring love for the role and for the cast and crew, as do sidebars from co-stars Mandy Patinkin, Robin Wright, Wallace Shawn, Billy Crystal and director Rob Reiner.

But it is Elwes’ gratitude and humility some 25 years later that are most endearing.  He has enjoyed a successful career in film, but acknowledges that he owes an enormous debt to…

The Man in Black.



Wish I may

During my trip home for the holidays — and really, any time I am out of town — people ask me what they should do when they come to New York City for a visit.

It’s a hard question to answer.

There are so many choices.  That’s why my recommendation varies from person to person, depending on what they like to do and how much time they have to spend in the city.

But there is one activity that I think everyone should do if they plan to be in Manhattan before year’s end:

Add a wish to the Times Square Visitors Center wall

The Wishing Wall is a simple 8′ x 10′ space covered with small scraps of brightly-colored paper, each containing the wish of a person who has traveled to NYC.  “Please talk to your mother.” “I want a job.” “I need to graduate.”  “Help me win the lottery.”

Leaving a wish is free.  It’s for the entire family.  And it’s a welcome low-tech activity located in the midst of the neon frenzy that is the Theatre District.  Plus, all the wishes will be released like confetti over Times Square when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.

Talk about being a part of the action!

I haven’t added my wish to the wall as of yet, but since it’s such an inherently public display, I think it’s okay to tell you what it would be:

Safe, timely travel thru the blizzard

(Living in NYC is already a wish come true.  Don’t wanna be greedy.)

Weak offense

Well, CNN, I hope it was worth it.

You knew it was coming, and you let it happen.  Probably hoped it would.  Thought the prospect of Kathy Griffin misbehaving would improve your ratings against the mega-tradition of “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest.  (I mean, they put J Lo in a see-through bodysuit, for goodness sakes.)

So, you let Kathy co-host with poor, defenseless Anderson Cooper, even after she all but promised to let the profanity fly during the broadcast.  I’ll admit I was interested in hearing the outcome, even though I didn’t end up watching.

She did use the F-word, as expected….but in a very pedestrian way.  And only once.  Anderson’s reply?  “You’re terrible.  Really terrible.”  And then he went on with the show.

Boring, Kathy.  Bor-ing.  And very beneath your usual spectacle.  In fact, it kinda looked like an A-lister pretending to be a D-lister.

Uh oh.  Looks like Kathy has gotten too big…to act small.

Hanging with Mr. Cooper

My famous twin with the filthy mouth is comin’ to town this week.

Despite Kathy Griffin cussin’ a blue streak last New Year’s Eve on CNN, the cable giant is bringing her back to co-host their live coverage with Anderson Cooper.

What is CNN thinking?

Last week on “The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson”, Kathy said she will be forced to refund her appearance fee if she curses on the air.  Her response to that?

“Tune in, everyone.  I really don’t need the money.”

Ya gotta love the balls on the girl.  She isn’t the funniest comedian, but she is pure genius at self-promotion.  Her Bravo show “My Life on the D-List” is a primer on how to get noticed.

Tragically, she seems to get noticed most for her foul mouth…which seems a bit risky for CNN, especially since she has pretty much guaranteed a repeat performance in 2010.

So, CNN, why not give Anderson a break this year?  Team him up with a kinder, gentler Kathy Griffin.

Cast me, Carla Curtsinger, as his New Year’s Eve co-host.  I’m funny (not blue at all),  live right here in Manhattan, and heck — people tell me every day that I look like Kathy Griffin.

Note:  I will keep the appearance fee.

Love actually

During a recent flight to California, I sat next to a woman who was particularly forthcoming about the personal details of her life.

(Hey, it was a long trip, and I was bored.)

She wanted my advice: should she dump her live-in boyfriend of three years before or after the holidays?

Now, I once had a relationship breakup at the end of the year.  I chose to wait until after Christmas because I knew we had already invested in the gifts.  Might as well go ahead and exchange them, right?  And we still needed dates on New Year’s Eve.  Then, come January — BAM!  Drop the hammer.  Start the year off right.

That’s my philosophy.  I think it’s sound.

Well, apparently if you’re a celebrity, such niceties go out the window.

Exhibit A:  Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal.  Last Sunday, the papparazzi saw Jake’s assistant moving luggage out of Reese’s home and delivering it to Jake’s place.  Such transactions usually spell breakup in Hollywood.

A month before Christmas, too. They are both passing up some serious swag, and probably a holiday trip to an exotic locale.

Exhibit B: Tiger and Elin Woods.  Okay, so it appears Elin isn’t leaving Tiger…for a cool $5 million dollar paycheck.  But that hardly counts.  Can’t imagine they are going to have a very happy holiday, particularly with all the ho-ho-ho’s in Tiger’s past.

(I crack myself up.)

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that celebrities operate by different rules.  But Reese and Jake?  Tiger and Elin?  They were golden couples, meant for the long haul.

Next thing you know, you’ll tell me Pam Anderson and Kid Rock are breaking up.

Wait. What??