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Sinister strings

Vampires.  Werewolves.  Zombies.  They are all over television and film these days.

(Hey, I’m not complaining.)

But have you encountered…The Violin Monster????

I have.  He was playing in the subway yesterday afternoon.

Now, it’s not that unusual to see musicians playing for change on the train platform.  But a guy wearing a monster mask playing the violin?

It caught my eye.

He is a smart Violin Monster, too.  Next to his open violin case — where the money was piling up — he had a sign advertising his website, ViolinMonster.com. It’s a fun read.  The writing is straightforward and hilarious in spots.  I recommend it.

And if you’re headed to New York City this spring, I hope you get to see the Violin Monster.

Heck, he might have his own reality show by then!