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I leave tomorrow on a seven-day, three-city business trip.

cardboard box

I had so many materials to bring home from the office, I had to carry them on the subway in a cardboard box.

As I was awaiting my stop, I noticed something different about my ride home. Typically New Yorkers avoid all eye contact. Tonight their eyes were darting towards me quickly, with seeming discomfort.

It suddenly hit me — they probably thought I had lost my job and the box contained my personal effects.

I thought about producing a few tears, but that seemed like bad karma.


New Yorkers —

All over the city, Horse Heroes are taking to the streets to urge City Council Members to show compassion for our city’s abused carriage horses.


Write to your City Council member at http://nyclass.org/citycouncil

Big time nostalgia

This morning many New Yorkers were puzzled by the presence of a particularly prodigious Rubik’s Cube, floating along the Hudson River on a barge.


Or maybe not. (They live here….they’ve seen everything by now.)

The colossal cube was created by the Liberty Science Center in neighboring Jersey City as part of their weekend-long celebration of the popular game’s 40th birthday.

While you are recovering from that punch to your sense of time and space, think about this —

What other games from our childhood deserve to be made ginormous and set afloat on a nearby body of water?

Easy Bake Ovens?  Troll Dolls?  Pet Rocks?

Cast your vote in the comments!




On an average day, New Yorkers like myself (non-car owners) are very earth-friendly as we run to work or do our errands around the neighborhood.

You will see us:

Or possibly:

Or, if our knees can handle it:

Even the subway is a very green choice (although there are things you need to know):

(Thanks, Nathan.)

Happy Earth Day everybody!

Tickled pink

There are rules on the subway. I’ve outlined them here before…along with my tendency to violate “No eye contact.”

It’s a Southern thang.

But today I found the secret weapon that turned an entire subway car full of New Yorkers. We’re talking eye contact with the person of interest. Eye contact with each other. Smiles even.











Even the most jaded East Coast native can’t resist a cute baby wearing a pink onesie with ears.


Big hearts, Big Apple

New Yorkers are a the nicest people.  I see proof of it all the time.

Take today, for instance.

floating-money-bd4a4449-originalI had taken a cab to the vet to pick up my dog.  The driver gave me my change, which included several singles, near the open door.

The wind instantly picked up the bills and scattered them in the street.  Did the rude, me-me-me New Yorkers of TV and movies jump upon them and run for it?

Not a chance.

Instead, three people stepped on the loose bills and stood waiting for me to retrieve them.  We all shared a laugh as I collected my change and thanked them for their help.

Nice folks.  Yep, we’ve got lots of ’em here in NYC.

Order up

I appreciate brunch.

That’s a good thing, ’cause in New York City, brunch is king.

It’s not just for Sundays, either. Lots of restaurants offer it on Saturday, too. And it’s not an option, either — you eat brunch or nothing at all.

That’s the part that doesn’t fit with the city itself.

New Yorkers do what they want, when they want, and we all define that differently. Do restaurants really think we can agree on a meal…even on the weekend?

Good luck with that.

Like the Dickens

While I was on a business trip in London a few years ago, a surprise snow blanketed the city.  A colleague, looking out the window of our hotel room at the falling snow, quipped:

“It’s so Dickensian!”

And we had our catchphrase.

It did feel like we had stepped back in time, into one of the classic novels we had all read in school.  The snow didn’t last, but the memory of that brief interlude has to this day.

Stateside in 2012, ‘Dickensian’ has an entirely different vibe.

StrangeBeautiful just launched their Dickensian Edition of nail colors, which is roughly 10 different shades…of black.

(Only true New Yorkers can discern the difference.)

Creator Jane Schub said her interpretation of Dickens for the collection was inspired by photography, literature, art, coal and broken shale.

Geez, Jane — did you even read the novels?

They have happy endings.

Hearth and home

Christmas may have come and gone, but the yule log is still burning bright.

On TV, that is.

I have been visiting my sister and brother-in-law for the holidays, and they haven’t had cable television in years. They watch movies and TV shows via Internet streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.com.

So when they aren’t online or are listening to music, chances are pretty good a fire is burning on their TV. This has become a tradition of sorts at Christmas, but I didn’t know where it originated until today.

Chalk up another one for New York City.

WPIX-TV Channel 11 was the first TV station to broadcast the burning yule log way back in 1966. President and CEO Fred M. Thrower thought residents of New York who didn’t have fireplaces would appreciate the added holiday cheer. And it allowed station employees to stay home and celebrate Christmas with their families during the four-hour time slot.

It’s like I’m always saying…

New Yorkers are the nicest people.

Going native

Ever since I moved to New York City, I have prided myself on being ‘one of the nice ones.’

You know — the type of New Yorker who will gladly help out a tourist who needs directions or has a question…because it wasn’t that long ago that I was was of them.

But yesterday?  Things took a turn.  Because I was hanging out with a native New Yorker who has no such compulsion to play nice-nice.

I was doing some extra work on a new television show called “Lights Out” on FX Network.  We were filming outside the Pierre Hotel on the Upper East Side near Central Park.

Myself and Herbert — I’ve changed his name because I’m nicer than he is — were portraying press photographers outside the hotel, attempting to get pics of two heavyweight fighters as they entered the venue for a championship bout.

We were standing on the sidewalk for quite a while — one shot took most of the afternoon — so lots of tourists walking by asked us what we were filming.

My response?  “The show’s called ‘Lights Out.’  It’s new on FX Network.”

Herbert’s response?  “Lindsay Lohan’s rumored to be meeting her lawyers here.  We’re trying to catch her coming out for ‘Inside Edition.'”


“Queen Elizabeth has made an unannounced visit to the United States.  Rumor has it she’s inside.”

Evil.  But pretty darn funny.

But the time we had finished, I had joined in the fun, telling every tourist who walked by a different story.  I figured it wasn’t really lying; it was adding another layer to their vacation…and would make a great story when they got home.

That sounds like something a New Yorker would say.