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Traffic stop

File this under News of the Weird:

stop wait goAs I was walking Rory toward the park, I saw a car stalled in one of the lanes on Central Park West. A taxi cab was behind it, and a police car after that. As we approached, the police officers were opening the car doors.

Everyone in the car was fast asleep. The driver was slumped over the wheel. The passenger in the back was laid out flat.

The officer poked them both with his nightstick. It took awhile to wake them up, but eventually they both roused.

A million scenarios from TV and movies went through my mind. Did someone hijack their car and knock them out? Were they overcome by fumes? Were they victims of alien abduction? But it’s probably like a friend of mine said…

They just passed out drunk at the light.


I feel a chill in the air

We’ve all read “News of the Weird” stories, but one actually happened on my block yesterday.

My dry cleaner saw the whole thing.

falling acA man was innocently walking down the street when an air conditioner suddenly fell from an apartment window overhead and hit him on the arm — instant compound fracture.


Of course it could have been a hundred times worse.  It could have hit him on the head and killed him…like Greg Kinnear in the movie Ghost Town. 

But my dry cleaner said all the conversation at the scene was about the insurance claim.

I smell lawsuit!

Here’s a tip

MBA students at Boston University recommended brands for purchase and revitalization in team presentations Monday and today.

I’d like to add another to the list:

The felt tip pen

One such pen swallowed by a woman in Great Britain 25 years ago was recovered by doctors from her stomach intact and ready to write. Stomach acids had eaten off the pen’s brand name — darn the luck — but not the ink inside. In fact, upon removal, doctors wrote ‘hello’ with the pen.

Find that hard to believe?

The woman supposedly swallowed the pen using it to check spots on her tonsils in a mirror while standing on a ladder when she fell, leading to the accidental ingestion.

Heck — forget the pen company.  Buy the movie rights!

Night walk

It was kinda dark and drizzly this morning in New York City, so I found it hard to wake up…which maybe why this article on sleepwalking on my favorite website for the weird, lemondrop.com, was especially entertaining.

That, and the fact that I have a bit of a history myself.

My favorite sleepwalking episode is a story my brother tells.  He came home late one night to find me standing in my pajamas in the doorway of my bedroom, which was across the hall from his own.  I was swinging my hand like I had something in…although it was empty.  He asked me what I was doing; I said I was waiting for the bus.

The best part?  He said, “Cool,” and went on to bed.  (He claims he checked a bit later, and I was in bed…or on my way to Cleveland.)

My sister also says that she woke up one night  — we shared a room with twin beds — and I was staring at her and ‘growling’ in my sleep.  When she spoke to me, I didn’t acknowledge her — just growled, but eventually laid down.  She was pretty sure I was going to kill her.

I had a lot of nightmares as a child that I do remember, so I’ve never questioned the sleepwalking.  I’m sure it happened.

Does it continue today?  You’ll have to ask my dog.

(He hasn’t mentioned it to me.)

How ’bout you?  Any fun sleepwalking stories to share?